Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping, Pizza, and Blackberry Wine

I've had a great day off I must admit!

I hit my goal (exceeded it by one pound!), and rewarded myself with a shopping spree at Goodwill. This weekend was 25% off all denim so I stocked up! I kept picking jeans I thought I would never be able to fit in and I FIT! It's amazing the name brands you can find as well. I bought 4 pairs of jeans, 2 jean capri's, a jean jacket, 2 pairs of shoes, 8 shirts! 85 dollars! That's a whole wordrobe!

( such a cute top, i'd model it for you, but i'm way too lazy for all that)

Before my shopping spree I made pizza, so yummy. It looks like a margherita but the green is actually spinach, not basil. Plus we didn't put any sauce. Marc LOVED it!

Marc is at work now so this is my first "time alone" in as long as I can remember. I picked up some Blackberry wine (which is a bit sweet for my liking but is lovely) and might read this wharton novel (it looks RACY!). OR I may just enjoy some TV off Hulu, and practice some piano. the options are ENDLESS!

Enjoy your weekend!


Mollie said...

I wish there was a good goodwill over here by me. The closest one is yulee and I hate driving. ughhhhhh. The pizza looks absolutely awesome!!
I think the wine sounds pretty good. I remember when we went to nyc, we tried some plum wine at a japanese place and it was sooo good!!

SlimKatie said...

Awesome finds at Goodwill!! Isn't it amazing, all the good stuff you can get there?

That pizza looks fantastic!

rachel.muchmore said...

I need to go to goodwill. I am desperate for some loose dresses or big/maternity shorts. It is HOT and I have 1 pair of shorts I can still wear in public. Looks like you got a lot of great deals and had a lovely day off :)