Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anxiety? Anger? A$$holes?

Do you ever talk to someone, or be around someone that every little comment they make just makes you want to punch them square in the face?

Well assuming you do, and I'm quite sure that you do, how to you get over it? I have a few people in my life that I really do love, and could never part from, but sometimes a personality trait of theirs makes me so mad! I end up getting in a foul mood and it ruins my thoughts toward other aspects of life. For example, I might read a facebook comment and instead of reading it like "Will you take great aunt sophie to the doctor tomorrow?" I'll read it like "YOU WILL TAKE GREAT AUNT SOPHIE TO THE DOCTOR YOU LOW LIFE SCUM."

Of course that is exaggerated but I think it proves the point. You know I have been told before, or well, heard along the grapevine that I am a little too sensitive and I take things to heart. I don't think that I ask a lot from people in my life and sometimes attitudes suck.

How do you deal with negativity? Do you think you are sensitive, or the world needs to lose it's attitude?


Mollie said...

cheer up sunshine =)

Czesia said...

Ha, I'm trying. Sometimes it's good to feel other emotions than happy though! LEMME ATTEM MOLLIE! lolololol!