Thursday, August 18, 2011


I did a whole heap of nothing today. After being so busy this last week (and especially weekend) it has been so nice to just sit around and do NOTHING!

I did do some super deep cleaning of the rabbit room, and cleaned their cages. They REALLY needed it. So that was a big accomplishment, plus I let them exercise an hour each. Einstein was too scared to get out of his cage today. I need to remember to let them out a lot more than we do. It is a lot harder than it looks though, that is for sure.

I also painted my nails today! My Shellac coated nails were wonderful, I didn't have to worry about them for a month! They were starting to peel up a bit on the sides and such so I peeled them off and did my own thing.

Funky huh? You likey?

The shellac really helped grow my nails out too. I have always not had a problem with nail growth but I could see someone who has flaky nails or a problem with growing nails doing well with these!

Just to put into perspective of how LAZY my day was, Marc made all the meals (yogurt with cereal, egg sandwiches with turkey, cheddar, and spinach, and leftover black bean soup with toast)! He was on fire today! Woke up before me, ran errands, mowed and weed whacked, did the dishes, took out the trash, hung out with Nana, helped me with the rabbit room! WTF! I was like your making me look bad sit down! LOL!

He's so hot! This was from Christmas. I love those Jeans, but Marc hates them. What do you think? He calls them his Ninja boot pants. If you don't know what that is I'll give you a G-rated picture hint...then you are on your own.

The highlight of my oh so strenous day...cough cough... was watching boat loads of my favorite "trashy" tv show. Thank you lord for Netflix.

That's okay, a girl has to be treated sometimes!

I saved the best news for last...

My mom is coming next month! We are going to have LOADS of adventures! I'm excited!

What's your favorite trashy TV show? What about "tighter" pants on men, hot or ninja-tastic?


SlimKatie said...

I think the jeans look great on him! I don't think I get the ninja-comparison, but I am assuming that's a camel in the picture, no? Hahaha, my husband calls the camel toe on men "bro toe" ;)

rachel.muchmore said...

I think tight pants can work, but it's a fine line. I don't care much for "trashy" shows because they tend to make me feel stressed. I am non-confrontational to a fault and even t.v. drama and fights give me knots in my stomach. I do get sucked into pretty much anything on TLC though.. like My Strange Addiction and Hoarders. PS- sweet fingernails, yo.