Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soup, Sewing, School, Scared, S**t.

I am so lazy lately but I know the reason why. It's because I'm going to school on Thursday and I am trying to enjoy as much laziness as possible before my life gets turned upside down again. I have four classes this semester, two on-line, and two at the downtown MATC campus. The Internet courses include a class on modern cinema,

and African American History.

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to take care of those classes easier than what everyone says on-line classes are like (harder than in person classes). My theory for these classes is that I sit at work 5 days a week on the computer for like 4-5 hours. I would be able to get a lot done here at work instead of at home.

My other classes are Sociology, and my second remedial math course before college math. Blah. I'm having some anxiety about my second math course because what if I forgot how to do any of the math I did last semester. I haven't even looked at a math problem since May. What if I get lost in the first classes or have to be sent BACK to 1st math. I can tell you right now, I am not paying to take these classes over again (about 1200.00). If I can't get it (first I'm going to try like mad, and get crazy amounts of free tutoring), but if they tell me I have to get sent back or whatever than I'll need to change my major into something that does not require college math. I don't want to do that but it is an option and it wont completely ruin my career future.

In order to try to get excited for school I've started to sew a new satchel for my school books, lunch, etc. (excuse my messy unmade bed!)

I made this out of a skirt that no matter what weight I've tried it on as, it wouldn't look right on me. I love the fabric though! I think this needs a few updates to it though, including a bottom that's square instead of straight down, and it needs to be smaller. Right now the width is way too big, I'll show you if I actually get it finished off tomorrow before the big day.

I made a SlimKatie recipe today! It's called Lasagna Soup. Very yummy and everyone loved it. I added a few green veggies in the mix and halved the amount of meat (cause we're poor ha). I thought it was perfect for today, since it was a bit cold outside.

Well, I hope you all had a great day. Glad my sister didn't get carried away by a tsunami or something due to the earthquake! Plus I'm hoping that freakin' hurricane passes without a drop of rain!

What are you hoping/wishing for. Are you nervous about something in your life?


SlimKatie said...

I LOVE the satchel... what a great idea! I have a skirt that I know will never look right on me, and I never would have thought to recycle it like that. Maybe I'll do something similar.

Glad you enjoyed the soup! :)

rachel.muchmore said...

I also am concerned about remedial math. I was so excited about the fact that my program of study only requires one math course. Unfortunately I have to take two remedial courses before I can take it, so I'm still going to end up taking 3 math courses. Bleh. Props for creativity with your skirt-satchel. :) I am hoping/wishing that the rain doesn't ruin the rest of the week since my mother-in-law is already getting on my nerves and the idea of spending a few days inside, alone with her.. it could get ugly.

Mollie said...

I loved my online classes that I took. They were about the same difficulty to me, not because of the class itself but because of the crap you had to do extra, like the black board stuff...but it was so worth it. I took a music appreciation class and it was my favorite! Man I want to go back to school! haha. I had the math issue too...sucked.
I love the satchel. I need to start buying patterns and try testing out my sewing machine. =)
and btw im jealous of it being cold there!

Czesia said...

Thank you guys for the satchel love! I didn't get to fix up the dang thing but I miht try when I get home? I'm not sure yet. Rachel, I'm in the same boat, this is my second remedial class before college math. blegh. Mollie, I really enjoyed Music Apprec last semester, my favorite class!