Monday, August 22, 2011

Change of Plans

So today turned out quite a bit differently than I was expecting it to be! I was going to do the detox but we ended up having to drop Marc's car off to a salvage yard for a "new to us" transmission. This tranny has 72,000 miles on it but was 895 dollars with tax instead of 3,300 dollars for a new rebuild. I have to admit, we REALLY don't have the money for the tranny, plus my mothers plane ticket, and my books for school but we're trying to make it work. Thank God Marc has been working a couple of hours a day now which has been helping out tremendously. He hurt his leg yesterday at work though, I'm just glad he didn't break it. The sad thing is, one of the first things I thought about after he showed me his bruised up leg that at least he had his accident at work where there is workman's comp. It's really starting to bother me that we don't have health insurance but with our goals in mind the cost is astronomical and we have to wait until one of us gets a job with a health plan.

Enough with that crap talk. I wanted to write about this skirt I made into a satchel for school but I'm not quite finished with it so I'm going to leave that for tomorrow! Also, I'm trying new recipes this week from a spinoff recipe blog from SlimKatie. I recently mentioned her in a post for doing an amazing job losing over 100 pounds in 16 months. These recipes are incredibly family friendly and exactly the kind of foods that my little family loves. I'll try to make sure to keep up and post pictures and reviews of what we thought. Check out her site and be INSPIRED!

Just realized I've been all words and no pictures! Here's something to entertain your visual needs!

By the way, I think my kid is going to look like this last picture, Marc's ears resembled this poor wee ones when he was younger, I think I would get them pinned. Is that bad of me to say? Marc said he wished he would have gotten his done. Plus Marc and I both had blonde hair as tots. His was platinum!

Would you ever consider a surgery for your child that was more cosmetic than for general health purposes? E.I. Fixing a cleft lip, ears pinned, or anything to that effect?

My first day of school is THURSDAY AHHH!


SlimKatie said...

I hope you enjoy the recipes! :)

That's got to be scary, not having health insurance. I never realized how truly important it is to have until my freak accident with my jaw in November. I hope you're able to get insurance soon!

Mollie said...

having no insurance is hard, trust me I understand. I was lucky enough to still be "technically" single, so I can have everything with the baby paid for but when things happen to chad, we have to pay out of pocket which is horrible.

Do NOT pin your kids ears, they will not learn to deal with social situations or bullies, or any of that if you fix it for them, and they Always grow into ears. =)

rachel.muchmore said...

We're uninsured and it sucks. Brandon's job offers insurance but it is way more than we could afford, it would be equal to our rent payment each month and that's just the premium. Then even if something did happen there's till like a $9,000 out of pocket max, so we'd still be screwed. Norah and I are covered by Medicaid, but only til I have the baby. I think Norah still will be, but I'm not sure, and that scares the heck out of me. I can't honestly answer about what I'd do if my child had a "need" for cosmetic surgery. On the one hand I agree with what Mollie said, and also think that "fixing" kids just encourages bullying of the ones who are different. On the other hand, as a mother, the thought of your child being verbally tortured is nearly unbearable. I guess it would depend on the severity of it and how the child was dealing with it. I'd hate for a physical issue to be the cause of mental and emotional issues, and some kids just handle things better than others.

Czesia said...

I think I would pin my childs ears, have you seen marc's LOL..I know I'm poking fun at the situation but there are MANY other things kids can be bullied about and they will find other things to make fun of!