Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving test runs

Thank you all for the comments on yesterday's blog post! I'm so proud of I just have to remind myself of this when I'm pigging out on Thanksgiving. You know, I probably wont gorge myself on lots of treats, but I am not going to count calories, or limit myself. I think there is a difference between eating so much your stomach hurts, and eating vivaciously for a rejoice-ful holiday. What do you think?

I get to make a few dishes this year, I'm oh so proud!

First up, Brussel sprouts with bacon and shallots. My Brussels will be ROASTED! Which I think makes a world of difference. Then they will be added to the bacon, shallot mix.

Secondly, I found a recipe for Smoky Sweet Potato Gratin. HELLO!

It has chipotle peppers in it, AND smoked gouda! YUM!

For my dessert, I've been tweaking a Paula Deen recipe for Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

This is what the taste testers look like, and then I will be making a big trifle bowl of it.

I couldn't find gingerbread, so I spiked spice cake with molasses and ginger. It tastes pretty good, but this one (which will be tested tonight) has gingersnaps with the spice cake layer. I think it will add that little extra 'thing'.

The only other meal I felt blog worthy today was lunch! Easy peasy sammie with egg, red. fat cheddar, and peppercorn turkey, with a honeycrisp on the side. I DON'T like the peppercorn turkey. I won't buy it again. Disappointing because I usually really like pepper.

Now I'm off to the wonders they call African American History. Wish me luck!


Mollie said...

man those thanksgiving dishes look tasty! I wish you hadn't mentioned gouda though...I am so wanting some cheese now. It's such a fatty thing to say, but if you like cheese you should try boarshead chipotle gouda cheese. It is mah-ve-lous! mmmmmm

Amanda said...

Wow, those brussel sprouts and the trifle look fantastic! I'm really terrified of brussel sprouts, but my husband and kids love them, so I think I'd like to try them again. I might try to convince my husband to make them that way!

Czesia said...

Everything in moderation right Molls, LOL! At least I can say that while I stuff my face with cheese! I've never been a "cheese freak' but give me some chocolate and I'll go crazy!

Amanda, that recipe is AWESOME! Here's the link:

i'm pretty much going to do this, but roast the sprouts in the oven so they get golden edges!