Monday, November 14, 2011

One Term Paper Down...

fifty billion to go.

I'm taking a short break to talk to you guys! So, how are you? How's your day been? Anything interesting you'd like to share? Please do!

I woke up BRIGHT and early to get my braces tightened. Like 7am early, that's blasphemous in my life right now.

Teeth are good, and I'm 43% done with my braces journey. Woohoo!

Today was also my priority registration day for school! Too bad I couldn't work out my schedule better, but I'll be taking Biology, Chemistry, and College Algebra (FINALLY!). I've also put in to take a psych class online, but I might not have to take it. Well see.

I'm nervous but I have faith that everything will work out.


For breakfast, we had leftover's of the Quinoa Feta Casserole, mango, and coffee. Surprisingly, the Casserole worked really well for a breakfast dish. I'm going to be making this again with squash!

Lunch was an epic disaster. I'm not using epic in a flippant way either..this was bad. I was going to make steak fajitas and kale chips, but I didn't know that the steak smelled funny, until I had already grilled the onions and red peppers. UGG! Then, I BURNED my kale chips! Such a failure. I smelled up the house, and the smoke alarm went off. Such a touchy thing!

We ended up having turkey and mozzarella wraps with a slice of low sodium bacon, and the onion pepper mix. I liked it, but the peppers were too crunchy for my taste. It's not that pretty either.
Oh well. I ended up rounding this off with a bowl of cheerios and plain yogurt. I also had a Protein shake before lunch, with coconut milk, coffee, and vanilla cream powder.

So I ended up using pretty much all of our available food supply on my messed up lunch, and didn't have much for dinner, so I ended up with broccoli, reduced fat Italian dressing, and a honeycrisp apple (my fave!)

After work I'll be enjoying some toast and butter to round out this crazy, wacky day.

I don't understand how we have been going through groceries lately. I feel like I am picking crap up twice a week! Insane!

In other news, I finally went through my pants because I was frustrated with the selection I have.

The bigger pile is on it's way to Goodwill. Everything is too big (YAY)! The sad part is that three of the jeans in the keep pile are too big as well, but two are semi wearable, and one pair is my comparing jeans for how much I used to weigh. They were SOO tight on me before, and now they fall right off (AGAIN YAY!)

I spent the rest of my day snuggling with the furry love of my life.

Now off to hell....I mean essay time :)


Amanda said...

We had a kitchen disaster today too! Jason turned on one of the burners and something plastic must have gotten caught underneath it, or something, because suddenly there was this huge fire that we had to put out with baking soda and it smelled up the whole house...

Good luck with all your essays, and YAY for the pants!

Mollie said...

even though your lunch was a disaster, your alternative choice looks pretty tasty as well. I'm not sure how much cash I'll have leftover since I plan on using it mostly to help with bills, but I wanted to use some tax money this year to buy new clothing for myself and chad...I might put it off until I lose this weight though.