Friday, November 4, 2011

Peanut Butter Memories

One of my fondest memories growing up was Peanut Butter...Not really for me, but because PB reminds me of my mom!

My mom can be pretty indecisive (not in a bad way), I remember one time I asked her what her favorite color is, and she told me the rainbow! I love it! So if I asked her what her favorite food is, I'm sure she'd say something smart like a buffet. So I'm going out on a limb here and declaring my moms favorite food as Peanut Butter!

Why? There is a simple way to answer mom puts peanut butter on EVERYTHING!

Some great (safe) concoctions- Apple and PB, Celery and PB, PB&J, Fluff'N'Nutters (do you know what this is? Marc had no idea what I was talking about!!! the horror!!)

Some are just EWW- (5 words will tell you everything) PB, lettuce AND MAYO sammies.

Some I've never tried but hold nostalgia for her, like her mother's Peanut Butter Roast.

So my dinner is dedicated to my mom!

OIAJ (Oats in a Jar).

That last tidbits of White Chocolate Wonderful, plain yogurt, frozen berries (melts so yummy), and oats.

Wanna bite? I know my mom would :) If you can't tell by that last photo, I'm stuck at work on my day off...booo. BUT, I'm looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow ending with a girls night dinner with my friend Angie! (seriously guys I have a friend! a real life friend!!) lol!!

Do any foods remind you of your parents, or siblings?! Any gross concoctions?


Anonymous said...

LoL don't forget balogna and pb ---gross! Alyssa and I were just talking about our parent's odd taste buds .

Czesia said...

That is hilarious, I totally forgot about PB and Bologna...ok i can't right Bologna, it must be Baloney. LOL! I like lots of different food but I don't really mix crazy stuff?!? I did try PB and dill pickle sammie but it just didn't work for me. What about you, any weird concoctions?

The Mrs said...

Hmm, nothing that reminds me of my mom but A1 and cottage cheese was introduced to me by my aunt. I then intro'd it to my hubby who loves it! Don't knock it til ya try it I guess! :-)

Czesia said...

A1 and Cottage cheese!?! That actually sounds delish!