Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hopefully you enjoyed the video from last night...errrrr....this morning. I tried uploading it last night but two hours in to it, Youtube said there was an error and couldn't fix it. SO FRUSTRATING! So, I tried again this morning, and three hours later, it worked!

I woke up this morning, sooo bloated. I think it might have been the meal I had at the restaurant? Even my lips were swollen! I told myself that the bloat would probably make the scale read a not so great number so I wouldn't be upset, or disappointed. Turns out it said I've lost a pound and I'm happy with that! I'm just going to weigh myself in tomorrow to make see if it was a bloat/sodium thing.

I have been known to get upset over a disappointing number, but I think my pep talk helped me see the true picture! Every step forward, is a step in the right direction! Hope you are telling yourself that too!!

Today my Aunt came over to visit Nana and she just raved about my hair. It felt so nice to receive her shower of compliments and I didn't say anything negative after like, "oh please I'm bloated" or "Seriously? You think so?", I just said thank you and allowed myself to feel a Non Scale Victory!

My other Non Scale Victory today? I ate three extra servings of green veggies, I fit into a size medium pant, I had to place the button on my suit jacket over 3 inches in order to the suit to fit better, and I had to put another notch in my belt to keep my work pants up!

No one, and no thing can steal my happiness! Happiness is a choice that I will continue to fight for!


Amanda said...

Woohoo for NSVs!! I haven't seen the video yet (so behind on blogs with NaNoWriMo going on) but I'll go watch it shortly.

Czesia said...

Thank you Amanda, I saw you wrote over 50k words...THAT'S INSANE WOMAN! Congratulations! I whine about writing like 500 words in school!

Mollie said...

good job chet, I bet that made you feel great! I can't wait until I'm feeling good enough to start working towards a comfortable body for myself again!

The Mrs said...

NSV's ROCK! Those are some great ones too! I think accepting compliments can be one of the hardest things. I'm still working on that one and it makes the Mr crazy!

Czesia said...

Mollie, you are going to rock it! You are such a tiny thing to begin with!
The Mrs. It's hard not to over analyze things, that's my hardest problem to overcome. I always twist things in my mind, it's not positive that's for sure!

Mollie said...

thanks chet...glad you see it that way, I must say though I was getting very close to a number that would be a total spirit crusher with this little one, and I do believe it would have been difficult to be positive about that one...thank goodness she was a tiny thing =)