Thursday, November 17, 2011


You know, usually I wouldn't consider myself a worrier. I'm not all that into getting worked up and stressed. Right now though, I'm stressing a bit!

I'm pretty much ready to go into my dietetics program, but in order to get there by the fall, i'd have to take quite a few classes. Right now it's between a regular 14 credit hours, and a kill me please 17 hours.

I'd be going to school from Monday and Wednesday at 8am to 3pm, Tuesday 9am to 3pm, and Thursday 9am to 1pm. That would be just fine if I wasn't WORKING TOO. Right now I work 5pm to 11pm. I can get my work done here but at what cost? I'm scared that these classes I'll be taking are going to be EXTREMELY hard. I have to take College Algebra (finally, I've had to take two remedial classes to get here), Biology, Chemistry, and maybe retake Psych. I took Psych in Florida before quitting school the first time, so it might transfer.

I don't want to wait anylonger than I have to so I'm going balls to the wall and I'm going to finish...I'm just scared. Really just scared of failure I guess.

I have a B right now in most of my classes. It might be great for someone else, but I'm trying to get into a prestiguous program, what if B's aren't good enough? Well, I guess I just know that everything is going to work out, and I need to just let things go the way they will. It's just hard, because I LOVE to manipulate things to work for me, and to have things be semi out of my control drives me batty.

Any words of wisdom?


Mollie said...

you can do it hun! you just might need some medication to get you there. lol.

Czesia said...

Thank you Mollie, you are so sweet. If I get some good meds I'll let you know LOL!

Amanda said...

Wish I had some advice! I was one of those crazy people who always took 17-18 hours a semester, but I was living on campus and didn't have any other responsibilities, lol. :D