Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving EVE!

So sorry I didn't post last night1 I went to grab my laptop at work, and realized I left it at home :(

I did end up reading a book on my shift though, which I haven't done in months.

It was pretty good, I love following someone's life. I had read Jeannette's first book The Glass Castle, which was SO good. I think I liked this one a bit less because yes, there is a specific voice and tone, but it isn't as personal. I think because The Glass Castle is about Jeannette's life, there is a little something extra about that first hand account.

Anyway, if you've got a few free hours like I did, I don't think you'll regret picking up Half Broke Horses. It's like all those old stories you're grandparents would tell you about their life!

I finished all of my cooking today, and I gotta toot my own horn. It's HELLA good! The Chipotle Sweet Potato Gratin was my husbands favorite, and Nana ate a whole PLATE of food, plus dessert! So if Nana eats her vegetables, you know it's gonna be a hit.

I was in the cooking mood yesterday too, so I made mini meatloaves in a muffin tin, with Parmesan smashed potatoes, and peas. This was really good! I think next time I'd cut the hamburger with turkey, that way there is more, but not as bad for you as two pounds of beef. This is the first time we've had red meat in a while, so it was a treat!

One awesome trick I learned, (I always think you guys know all this stuff so I don't give out tricks lol) was to eat off saucer plates instead of dinner plates, and it really works out for me! This plate is about the size of my outstretched hand :)

Guess what I forgot to tell you on Monday?!?

When I went and spent a fortune at Express Marc decided to go take me to the Jeweler's! I'm getting my ring sized, and he got me a Solitaire Enhancer, like this!!!
We traded in a ring and I am so excited! I got my holiday wish! I will be getting my rings back Dec. 8th. Know the best part? My ring size went from a TIGHT 8 to a 5 1/2!!! Everyone at the store was AMAZED at how many sizes I went down. It was a proud moment :)

I sincerely hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with your familys, and time to reflect how BLESSED we all truly are.



Amanda said...

I finally fit back into my wedding ring (a size 7) but in about 15 lbs, it won't fit anymore! I don't know if I can trade mine in, but I would prefer to have a different ring, a comfort band that's simple with no stones. Jason and i didn't get rings until our 5th anniversary and my ring, while beautiful, is very cumbersome! I don't like protruding stones, it turns out. Since neither of us attach any real importance to the rings themselves, it's okay to just get a new one. :D

Czesia said...

Oh I know what you mean!! We traded in a ring that his mother gave me when we first got engaged. It was VERY nice of her, but I picked out my engagement ring and kind of wanted Marc to pick out the wedding ring. We just had to wait for the right time I guess. Marc's ring was wooden but it broke a few months after the wedding (I told him it would, he didn't believe lol) We were even thinking about tattooing the rings on our fingers, but I like the idea of the ring! What I like about mine is that it does protrude (alot actually) but it doesn't snag because it's rounded at the tip. :)