Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Late post

Sorry this post is sooo late! I've been sitting at work trying to figure out what I wanted to say!

So far I haven't come up with anything life changing, so I thought I'd just start rambling.

but what to ramble about?

Well I got on the scale today and am already (half week scale check in) down two pounds. This helps me feel much more motivated! Even though I've been gaining and losing these two pounds for what seems like forever, maybe it'll be the start of my "second wind".

Watch out world! I just have to watch out for this weekend, I might not be able to have the chance to count calories during a few of my meals so I'm going to try to do that intuitive eating thing and make sure to stay as balanced as possible.

I wanted to take pictures of my food today, but I've misplaced my sd card! It'll turn up shortly but I could really use some organizational help.
(It's not NEARLY this bad, but I feel like I can't find ANYTHING EVER just like this would be!)

Living in such a small space it's hard to keep everything together. Also, I think it would be easier to keep things up if I lived alone, sharing space is really hard! I put something away, and then it's right back to the place I don't think it should be. (Like towels, after one use need to be folded above the dresser, after being laid out byt he humidifier to dry (we have NO space in bathroom, plus it would get moldy..yeah I live in a WET basement). However, unless I don't fold the towel, it will stay by the humidfier FOREVER!

Believe me, I'm probably just as bad so it's just little things that I wish we could figure out.

So yeah, RAMBLING!

I'm going to go home in about 15 minutes (YAY) and I'm going to watch Forks Over Knives and eat POPCORN!
Have you seen this movie? Next on my list is Food Inc. I've been dreading it,, but as a soon to be Registered Dietitian I figured I should :)


Amanda said...

I really hope I get a second wind like that. I haven't had any significant weight loss in like six weeks. It's really starting to bug me. :(

Czesia said...

I know EXACTLY how you are feeling, there is nothing worse than working out REALLY REALLY HARD and not seeing any results. Your body is just being a brat right now. Mine was too!!! Keep your head up though, you are so strong minded, this can't phase you!! Go Amanda Go!