Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Day at a Time

Right now, I'm just trying to take it a day at a time.

One thing I think I should start doing with the blog is being more accountable for the foods I'm eating. So my goal is to take pictures of what I'm eating day to day. This way I will be able to visualize (and keep) my goals, and you will too!

I don't think I will be posting pictures of snacks, unless they are beautiful..which they usually are not!

Breakfast was Raspberry Protein Pancakes, with warm Mango topping

and Door County Highlander's Grogg coffee (notes of irish cream and dark caramel in the roast UH YUM!) with Coconut Milk, and Almond Joy Creamer.

Lunch was a turkey burger and Kale Chips, topped with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

Dinner was the same

I had a snack of Stone Ground Whole Wheat Crackers, and after work I'll have pumpkin with yogurt, cinnamon, and stevia. Plus I'm on cup 7 of 11 glasses of water for the day's hydration goal.

Total cal count- 1278. Smack dab in the middle of Sparkpeople's Goal for my nutrition. One good thing about this picture project, is that Marc and I were painting the front porch all afternoon and ended up STARVING! So, I wasn't thinking and asked Marc if he wanted McDonalds. If it weren't for accountability to the blog, I would have had something that might not have been bad calorie wise, but bad everything else wise! So this is a good idea for me!

Sadly, I'm not losing weight, I'm worried about 30 pages worth of term papers that I haven't even touched, I'm worried about my family, I'm worried about finances (read more school), ETC.

But no matter how hard it may be to keep a smile on my face, I'm going to work twice as hard on everything, and at least give out smirks.
Good things are seemingly out of reach, but every rough patch passes with time. I just am on the crest of the wave at the moment.


Amanda said...

I have a friend on Spark who does a daily photo blog of her food, just like this. It seems to work really well for her. She doesn't count calories anymore, but holds herself accountable through pictures.

Czesia said...

I think it's a great tool for accountability! If I stay true to the blog, (which I know I will I care about you guys too much) then I'm hoping it will help me succeed, and also help you guys spot any holes in my eating. Like if you see I'm eating the same meals too much or something like that.

Mollie said...

the pancakes sound really yummy(biggg fan of mango anything!) the coffee looks amazing too..other than the coconut. Now I'm a little sad that I'm out of creamer. *sigh*. Oh well. Personally, I enjoy your pictures of everything, adds more to the blog =) Stop fretting on the weeks where you're not losing weight. Sometimes it just happens. As long as you're not gaining it back, it's still an accomplishment. You look great, and you're eating/living healthy. Focus on your school're almost finished with the semester!

Czesia said...

Mollie I gained two pounds!! I don't know how!!!! So that's prolly what's got me FREAKIN. I'm really not obsessive, just focused I promise. This semester needs to hurry up and get over with because I'm so tired of it. Worst semester ever I swear!

Mollie said...

that's still not bad!!