Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Today was nice and semi relaxing before work. I visited with Nana, Linda, and Deena during lunch time and told them about Marc's birthday plans! So Marc is turning 30 on January 28th so I'm giving him a "semi-surprise" party at Fox Bay Cinema! At this cinema you eat dinner during the movie, and there is also a bar and lounge area. Every time we go there we have such a good time and experience I just know that he'll love it. Except he keeps asking me what we are doing for his birthday!

After his party, we are going to Chicago to spend the weekend! I've always wanted to go so it'll be really nice to research what to see, where to eat, etc. We already know we are staying at the Sybaris hotel. The sybaris is a nice place that is very romantic, it has a jacuzzi in the room! Here's the link to check out what our room will look like.

We will also be going to the Shedd Aquarium, and the Polish Museum of America. I know that we will also want to do some shopping in the Polish neighborhoods and we are going to be enjoying lots of different foods! Some of the best foods are in Chicago so that will be a major point. I'm going to reserve the hotel tonight and go from there. We are taking the train down to Chicago so we are going to have to either walk or take a taxi where we want to go. I wonder if we could take a bus? I'll be researching more tonight and writing down an itinerary!

Last night we saw the movie Fighter with Marc Wahlberg and Christian Bale. It was sooooo good! I really enjoyed it, and Marc did too. Especially their Boston accents, he was copying them all night long!

Before the movie, we went out to eat at Olive Garden. I had decided before we went that I would have the herb salmon and broccoli but when I got there I just couldn't bare the thought of such a boring meal, which I could make at home no problem for about 1/3 of the cost. So I thought on my feet and had the Parmesan crusted Tilapia with Italian vegetables. The meal also included angel hair pasta which I requested more vegetables in place of. It was absolutely delicious, and quite healthy after the switch I made! I also forgo-ed a glass of wine or diet sode with unsweetened iced tea which really was all I needed. Without me knowing it, Marc was searching the menu sooo hard to try and find something semi healthy. what a cutie. He ended up getting eggplant Parmesan with Alfredo sauce which he knows wasn't healthy but it included a vegetable! haha! He really tries hard to be supportive of me and makes sure to tell me how good I'm doing and that I look great which helps a lot.

For todays meals I had:

Apple with yogurt and cinnamon
2 dill mini pickles
Roasted Chicken with roast veggies
the same for dinner
and yogurt mixed with cocoa powder, truvia, unsweetened coconut, and a tablespoon of semisweet chocolate chips. (it's PMS time baby, I thought I could use a little break.)

Tonight I'll probably just have a glass of tea instead of my milk and vanilla since I broke into the chocolate, but if my stomach starts growling i'm going for it.

I can't believe it is January 2nd and there hasn't been snow on the ground since Christmas!

I'm sure we'll get it, but this is strange!

Have a good night!

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