Monday, January 10, 2011

Today was a long long day.

Marc and I woke up and went directly out the door to Best Buy to pick up our new computer..

Yes, we did get a new computer....and yes I am now broke as hell.

We blaming this on needing the computer for school. Which is partly true. It's really for convenience and I think it will really help us out with trying to study and finding a printer hither and yon.

Anyway, after Best Buy we went to a restaurant for breakfast called The Bakers Square. Have you heard of it? I think it's a chain, very much like Denny's. I had an Egg white Omelet with mozzarella cheese, two turkey sausage links, and two servings of fruit. It was just so-so the omelet had a lot of butter on it but I sucked it up. I felt like we were in a hurry so I didn't ask for it to be redone. Later I find out that Marc wanted to sit and talk in the booth for a little while oh well.

We then promptly got lost trying to figure out our way home. I was getting stressed out because it was snowing, and I wanted to get the computer up and running and rearrange our bedroom/living room.

I went upstairs when we got home and was so thankful to see Nana had made herself something to eat and wasn't crying. She sometimes cries due to her disease but cheers up once we get her on a new topic other than "bad American weather".

When Marc had to leave for work at about 2:20 I focused all of my attention on rearranging the room and then Nana started knocking on the door and I had to explain to her that her heat is working and not to be afraid. She thinks that once the blower turns off (because it's reached the correct temp) it's stopped working. She needs that constant heat. So of course I have no idea how to tell her in Polish (around this time of the afternoon she pretty much stops speaking/listening in English) that the heat is I just grab her and put her over the heating vent on the floor and cranked the heat up so it would turn back on. LOL, my life is awesome.

So needless to say I didn't get as far as I would have liked in the computer/rearranging project. I think it will be finished tonight when I get home from work. Also, while I was moving the tv I dropped it and cracked the top. I think I broke it, but when I called Marc he told me it probably wasn't, since the screen wasn't broken. He was fine with it too because we weren't even needing the tv anyway since we got the computer (hulu, netflix).

So I'm going to be doing a major overhaul of all of our BULLSPIT! We have way too much stuff and I can not tell you how much that bothers me...we live in a tiny tiny flat we need more space, more room! This doesn't help when your husbands a self proclaimed "collector" and you yourself isn't white as snow either.

On a better note, Marc called me from work and told me he got a PROMOTION! He is now the Lead Caregiver and will be getting a dollar more an hour..Thank you God, we needed this!!

Love you guys!

Oh yes other foods today include:
Chicken vegetable soup
and apples with yogurt and smart balance PB

I need to go grocery shopping so bad tomorrow!

The new phase of my diet starts Wednesday! I'm so excited!

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