Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Computer!

Hello All!

I'm posting a l ittle earlier today because I am playing around with my new computer!

It's a Lenovo (a cross between IBM and some Singapore brand) So far we love it and have been really enjoying seeing what new things have been going on with Windows since we haven't had it in a long time! Windows 7 ROCKS!

This was a fun little picture I drew just to show you all of the brush options in paint! This is wicked! MY favorite is the last one which is watercolor.

Hopefully you can see how awesome that is!!

I'm pretty sure I forgot my camera at work..which sucks, and is scary but I'll deal and try to figure out where I left it. Hopefully my sissy will send me pictures through day i'll get a data phone but right now I'm happy with the amount of technology I have!!

Please VOTE on the right hand side of the screen is a poll about what you would like to see a dedicated post on! I'd love to do them all so I think I'll do them in order of popularity! Voice your opinion! (it's anonymous)

Today is a yoga day!

See yall later!

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