Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Ideas and Routines

With school starting up, I have less and less time to sit around and be unproductive. This means I need to prioritize and make PLANS! Monday through Thursday I have 4 to 6 hours of school per day, and 6 hours of work. This equals BUSY. I need to streamline my life, and make everything a tad easier to accomplish goals and required errands.

The above paragraph basically means I need a schedule. It is also to explain why I have decided to call it quits on the 17 day diet. Yes you read it correctly. I'm going to be having NO time even make food than to consume it. I will be living off of frozen meals and cereal until I can get back on my feet and figure out my health needs. I'm promising myself, and you that this does not mean I'll be eating junk food. This also does not mean that I'm going to eat carbs every meal. This does mean that if I need to eat on the run, I'm not going to be shoving hard boiled eggs into my mouth every day while running to my next class (which has only a 5 minute window to get from one side of campus to the other). I am a little nervous because I don't want to mess up...but I feel that I have learned a lot from the 17 day diet and know how to balance my foods in a healthful way. I also know that if I ever run into trouble that I can revert back to the first cycle of the diet to lose a few if needed. This is not the end, this isn't a white flag. It's a strategic move to KEEP losing and not get pummeled into a starving corner at school and succumb to a bag of vending machine chips.

How do you feel about my diet revamp?

I am now going to be eating wheat breads, "healthful" frozen meals (lean cuisine, amy's), and as much added vegetables and fruits. I'll still be using to track my daily foods and exercise.

Speaking of exercise, my physical education class is going to really give me a kick in the butt! On Tuesdays and Thursday mornings I'll be learning how to use all the weight machines in the gym, self defense, and CPR. The instructor told us that we will all be doing 150 crunches a day at the end of the semester. For a whole hour we will be workin' it! Fun!

My weekly exercise routines will be as follows:

Monday: Treadmill 30 mins
Tuesday: Strength/Cardio Training at college 1 hr
Wednesday: Treadmill 30 mins
Thursday: Strength/Cardio Training at college 1 hr
Friday: Off
Saturday: Yoga/ Pilate's 30 minutes
Sunday: Yoga/ Pilate's 30 minutes

Sounds pretty good to me!

I need to be extra careful and work out a lot in order to keep the pounds off and keep losing.

Today I made a delicious recipe from Eating Well, called Avocado and White Bean wraps.

Holy Yum! It included a carrot and cabbage slaw (I used romaine) with a chipotle and cider vinegar dressing, and yummy avocado mixed with sharp cheddar cheese and cannelini beans. It was wonderfully filling a delicously healthy. I made mine using a flat out wrap and gave Marc a few with flour tortillas. Only sad thing is i forgot my other wrap at home :(

Yesterday was kind of a bad day for me, so I went shopping to cheer myself up! Here I am today sporting my new outfit which cost only 5 dollars! The jeans were marked down to 97 cents and were 40% off! HOLY MOSES! I ended up only spending like 58 cents on them. The shirt was also on sale! 40% off! Marc kept trying to look and find what was wrong with the jeans HAHA!

I tried to take a decent picture and ended up getting really frustrated. So I painted a smile on my face. I DIDN'T MEAN TO LOOK LIKE SUCH A DOUCHE!

Tomorrow is the start of my school week so I'm tryin to implement my ideas and new routines starting then. I have to go to the college early tomorrow to get my algebra book so wish me luck with my goals! I want to be able to say I've lost a total of 25 pounds by March 1st, which I have about 13 pounds left to go (give or take)..I'm dedicated, I'll keep you updated! I love you guys! Wish me luck with juggling my life!

Plus I want to paint to pictures for my neice and nephews birthdays coming weekend Marc and I are going to Chicago, and this Friday is his Surprise BIRTHDAY! God I need to take a breath!

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