Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School starts tomorrow!

I'm on to my second semester..and I'm still nervous. Will I always feel so jittery about school? Yes, probably. Marc starts tomorrow too so we both are feeling the same right now. This is his first semester since quitting college back in 2001.

We started off our day getting all of our paperwork together for receiving our books and went to the school bookstore. We have gotten all of our books (amazon, and the bookstore) except I FORGOT to pick up my algebra book CRUD! So I think I'm going to get to school extra early in order to pick it up. The lines at the store are crazy right now with school starting up but I have to try and get it!!

My first class tomorrow starts at 11:30am so I can have some time to get over there and get prepared. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to go Downtown for a 10am phys ed class so I'll be leaving the house around 9:30am. My only real problem is that M-Th I will be getting out of College at 3pm and I have about 5 minutes in order to get to my other class...one ends at 11:55am and the other starts at 12pm. So I hope they are really close? I'll be talking to my teacher about it to see if she will be lenient in case I'm late. Last semester a few people were in this situation in other classes and said that it wasn't a problem. we'll see...anyway my really problem is that I won't be able to eat on Tues and Thurs from 9:30am to 3pm..UGH THIS SCHEDULE SUCKS. I'll have to figure this out..Maybe have a protein filled snack in between classes, protein shakes in bottles so it looks like coffee or water? I'll figure it out. Tomorrow I'm going to bring a couple hard boiled eggs, just in case.

After spending lots of money at school, I was STARVING. We went to the closest restaurant called Branded Steer. I was on the second part of the diet (meaning I could have lean red meat, shellfish, and two natural starches today) so I had steak and shrimp with sweet potatoes, salad, and unsweetened iced tea. DELISH! Sweet potatoes are seriously what I've been craving lately OMG! It was soooo good.

When we got home I decided to burn off some of that good food with some snow shoveling (20 minutes of shoveling snow burns an estimated 170 calories!) and some stability ball exercises!

I didn't break a sweat from the ball exercises but I was really off balance a lot!! I think the ball is really good to keep you body engaged because one moment I'm on the ball and the next moment I'm using every muscle I can so I don't fall on my FACE!

Here are a few lovely moments after my workout horsing around with the camera HAHA!
playing with the big bouncy ball is fun! Here I am trying to get my balance on my belly.
This is me becoming superman.
Here I am falling off the ball!!! Save me!!!
Is this risque? LOL! I wanted to show you my yellow socks! Plus, there was some kind of move that was like this?? maybe??
So with my workout accomplished, I spent a few lovely minutes watching Giada at Home Reruns (new to me!) on Hulu. It was fun and relaxing. I took a shower after my workout (and playtime with the camera haha) the only thing was we ran out of freakin clean towels so I had to wrap up in a blanket LOL!

Now I'm at work and trying to make the hours on the clock go by as fast as possible. I hope you guys had a lovely day!

So tell me have you ever used a stability ball for fun, or exercise?

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Rayel said...

I heard just recently, opt for the ball over your computer chair. It will force calories to burn when you're not even thinking about it ;-).