Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First day of school review

I'M TIRED! How will I survive this? I know I can do it but sheesh I'm ready for bed! Isn't that a good thing though? Usually I have to force myself into bed.

The only thing that was kinda "unpleasant" that happened to me was that I totally ripped my pants before class. LOL! Oh well. I talked about it on facebook so I'm just not going to delve into it right now. This must mean I'm really exhausted.

Tomorrow is going to be even harder though. I'm going to be at the downtown campus. I'm nervous because I have a five minute window to get from one class to the other but I don't exactly know where they are. All I know are that they are in two separate buildings. JOY. Plus I have a class at 10am meaning I have to be up a lot earlier than Mon and Wed. This isn't too terrible, just imagine if it was every day that this happened. I would burn out pretty quick.

I'll be leaving my house extra early tomorrow to locate both classes and figure out the best route in getting there in the shortest amount of time possible.

I totally flunked out with my nutrition today. Well that sounds a bit harsh but I didn't fuel my body correctly. I only had a banana before school and had a kashi bar between classes..seriously kashi bars taste like nothing, I will be making my own granola bars from now on. I was supposed to be on the first part of my diet today so both of these items were a no-no. I think I did good on the second half of my day though. Lots of greens and salmon with mushrooms and a sprinkle of pecans. I must say that McD's chicken and fries sounded really good when I was famished leaving school. I have to figure this out. Maybe I just need to eat a feast for breakfast so I'm really full for school? I just need more time. Plus I really don't have the time to make anything so I'll have to really try and think ahead this weekend with pre making foods and snacks for the week. GUYS I NEED HELP LOL!

Well wish me luck for tomorrow. Talk to yall later.

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