Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No more leftovers!! (YAY)

So my main goal today was to declare war on all the leftovers in our fridge! I SUCCEEDED! After the holidays our family gives us lots and lots of food and it gets pushed to the back and I would open up the fridge and just hate myself for not cleaning it. Today was the day that the leftovers will die. I would have taken a before and after pic of the fridge but I didn't even think to do that until now...sigh...

I also walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3 to 3.4 mph awesome for my little leggies :)

Plus I fed nana without issue, she had something that I have no idea how to spell it's called "cold feet" polish it sounds like gimno nogie it's so nasty..pigs feet in a gelatin and you pour vinegar on it BLEGH.

Plus I was brave enough to wear my hair in a ponytail today! (that sounds really superficial..sorry.

I drank all of my water, hot lemon water, AND teas! (that's a lot of liquids) and I also documented everything that I put in my mouth today (applause applause). This is a huge motivator to stay on target and make sure that I'm not sneaking or being untruthful.

Okay so...

For breakfast I made eggs over easy on tops of mushrooms and asparagus.

This isn't my favorite thing to eat but it is just so nutritious I felt like I should.

for post workout snack I had the usual warm cinnamon apples and vanilla yogurt. this time I accidentally poured too much cinnamon on my apples so I had to swirl it all together instead of pretending it was vanilla ice cream and apple pie LOL!

Still yummy

Lunch was Bok choy steamed with garlic, onion, and red pepper flakes. Cod with the same seasoning, and Cucumber with homemade tzatziki sauce.

Tzatziki is really easy to make just add together plain yogurt, dill, garlic, salt, and lemon juice. It's surprisingly good.

Dinner was enjoyed here at work. I couldn't finish all of my lunch so I boxed it up for dinner, along with some leftover antipasto from the salad I had yesterday. It included Kalamata olives, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, and feta. I took out the romaine because it had wilted plus I really tried to take out most of the olives and feta because they are no-no's right now.

I think I was craving greek food today, anyone agree? HAHA!

For dessert I'll be enjoying a glass of milk..but sadly not with vanilla because I'm out. BOO.

I'm feeling good, except I didn't see any budging of the scale. It seems as if my weight loss has tapered but that's okay I'm still going to try to hit my goal of ten pounds by January will help I've been really good today and I've had a lot of exercise!

How are you guys doing with your new years resolutions and health?

Have a good night!

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