Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lazy Mazy

I was sooo lazy today haha! I'm trying to relish the last few days before school starts up again. (Jan. 19th) I'm a little nervous!

I watched lots of TV and stayed in my jammies. I did wash a bunch of dishes though, that must count for something!

Todays meals: (pics to come soon, I left my camera at home)

Warm cinnamon apples with vanilla nonfat yogurt

Chicken Pesto Soup and Cheese "crackers'

Cheese "crackers" are just a slice of reduced fat American cheese cut up and microwaved until they get hard..sounds so gross but they puff up and get crispy!
Mediterranean salad with feta, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, and champagne vinaigrette. with a sprite zero.

The salad was sooo good, I tried to behave and picked off some of the feta and only ate half of the whole thing with 1/8th of the dressing. It was actually really delicious, my favorite part was the roasted red peppers! I actually was thinking about picking them off but I tried one and man they were so sweet and chewy, delicious!

I got this salad after researching all kinds of different take out available here on the east side of Milwaukee. I was really starting to give up on finding anything remotely healthy and palate pleasing, I'm glad I found this!

cinnamon apples, prunes (ahem), flax seed, and vanilla nonfat yogurt for dessert

After New years (lots of yummy food and lots of alcohol) I ended up retaining some water, about 1 pound, that I am happy to report I've taken off! Lots of water and cleansing vegetables will do this!

Tonight after my shift is over, I'm going to walk the stairs here at the condo. I'm going to attempt 10 flights which is a lot but I think I can do it! I've been really careful with exercise on this portion of the diet because I don't want to over do it. This reduced carb/ reduced fat part of the diet can really make you tired if your not careful so I'm waiting to be really active until Jan. 11th when I'm graduating to the next phase!

Tomorrow my goal is to take down the Christmas tree, vacuum, mop/sweep, and clean out the refrigerator it's BADLY needed!

So I have exactly 6 days left on this diet and I'm excited...here's hoping for a ten pound loss in the first 17 days!!! Plus I heard on TV last night that this diet (The 17 Day Diet) is approved by a panel of nutritionists to be a powerful tool in "re-learning" eating habits such as eating more veggies, less carbs, and an over all balance of life! I have to say I feel great and love that you guys are here to join me in my journey!

Love yall!

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