Sunday, January 16, 2011


That's kind of how i view my weekends (Friday and Saturdays) much needed freedom!

Friday was just the perfect day, kind of surreal how everyone was in such great moods! Marc and I got a lot accomplished and were able to enjoy every moment together. We put together a bookshelf, some other shelves in the closet, and I set up the printer, and we just got sooo much done!

Here is the bookshelf. Isn't it cute!! We really have a ton of books that needed a home so this was a much needed purchase.

Next up, we have little ol' me learning how to use a power tool!! It was actually really heavy! This shelf hangs above our bed (and I cracked my eyebrow on the corner) and it needed to come down, so I got to take out the screws! I told Marc this is a perfect blogging moment so he laughed and got out the camera while I tried not to laugh.

I loved Friday so much that I didn't want it to end! So I told Marc we should go to the bar (HUGE MISTAKE) I ended up chowing on some ranch seasoned french fries and had a few too many vodka tonics. I don't regret the fun we had chatting (like which country would you want to live in if you couldn't live in the USA, Poland, or Canada, he picked Australia) but I shouldn't have splurged like that! Not for the weight gain but the freaking SIDE EFFECTS! Do you know what happens when you eat like really really crappy after eating super clean for almost a month? Needless to say Saturday night was spent in the potty room. HAHA!

It was snowing like crazy too! Here are my heels, which I felt wayyyyy stupid in walking in the snow with half bare feet.

This is my "I love you world" tipsy face...I can laugh about it now.. :)

Saturday, while sick as a dog I watched Princess and The Frog! How cute! I love Disney princess movies (what girl doesn't?) so this hit the spot.

Look how funny the prince looks..HAHAHA! When he first showed up in the movie I laughed out loud!!!

Today I went out with my mother in law on a date! So fun! We went to see the movie Burlesque with Christina and Cher :) I of course loved it and I'll name the reasons..
1) Burlesque has the vintage makeup/ costume awesomeness
2) Lots of singing and dancing
3) cute guys butt shows LOL!

It was cute, and reminded me a lot of the musical Chicago.

On the weight loss front I'm down 12 pounds now!! 2 more pounds and I'm smaller that I was starting HIGHSCHOOL!

Okie Dokie, I'm off to find other mischief...See ya latah


rachel.muchmore said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend (except for the sick part)! Congratulations on your super awesome weight loss. I really am considering trying this diet. Give me some advice :)

Czeshia said...

The best advice I can give you is to try it!! Anything specific about it would you like to know? I'll spill the whole thing so you don't have to buy the book just let me know anything you need! I'd love to help!

Mollie said...

oh my gosh how was the movie? I wanted to see that!!