Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Come to work with me!

How do you deal with stress?

We all deal with stress in our life, but I think we all deal with our emotions differently..So I want to know what do you do to take the feelings of anxiety and stress out of your life?

Today I woke up and went directly out the door to go grocery shopping. It has been snowing since yesterday morning so Marc told me to take his car since it is better to drive in slushy weather. I did all the shopping no problem, only to realize that Marc had to leave to go to work in 10 minutes! I, of course, forgot to charge my phone, so I had no idea what time it was in the store...plus I couldn't call him and tell him to take my car to work..this was bad. I tried not to cry on the (20 minute with traffic and snow) ride home hoping that Marc would not be upset with me. I got home and he was not even upset at all...I had just stressed myself out for nothing! Anxious feelings continue with me for a while after the event so I would usually have a snack and lay down to calm and comfort myself. WELL, I can't do that anymore!
So I need a new plan on how to get myself a little less wired! This time I turned on my pandora channel and just moved with the music with some yoga breathing and it really did help.

I'm also feeling stressed because I have yet to finish moving everything around from getting the new computer and it's so disastrous. I found myself yelling (I was by myself) a few times "I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS"...or "THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS". I'm just so frustrated with all of the stuff that we have, and that the things I have I feel like I shouldn't throw them away. I just need a better way to organize..and maybe 3 more flats this size.

I'm working on my temper :)

On a more fun note, I thought it would be fun if I showed you a few pictures from my ride to work. It is starting to get lighter out so I can show you some random stuff at dusk.
My walkway
This is either my stressed face, or my ugh winter face..

The weather= winter!

Still in my neighborhood. Both this driver and the driver on the other side of the road stopped and got out to fix/de-ice their windshield wipers. I wonder if this is their first winter? Not in a racist way, but my neighborhood is predominantly Hispanic with a lot of them not knowing English so it's a possibility. I feel bad for them if so!

There are so many churches around here..very beautiful.

Getting on the Freeway
This is the Historic Third Ward. I can't wait to hit up the farmers markets in summer!!
Off the Freeway


More Buildings

The new channel, probably a weatherman or something.

Pretty buildings on the East Side
We're here!
off to another day at work :)

I was bad today and didn't have breakfast until 2:30pm. I know I know...My schedule is just a tad different since I work 5pm to 11pm.

I had:
Plain yogurt with lemon juice and truvia

Salmon with Bokchoy, which was really good because I bought some liquid smoke! I put some in my greens to taste maybe like smoky bacon, and it really did taste just right! This was a great way to add flavor to my food without a lot of calories, fat, etc. I marinated the salmon for a few minutes in canola oil, seasoned rice vinegar, onion powder, and dill. It was delicious, plus it gave a nice crusty layer.

1 TBSP of Parmesan and Romano cheese (this looks like so big for a tablespoon, I remeasured and it really was only a tablespoon lol! Looks like when I measure by hand I'm always low on the herbs and spices in my recipes!
This gum is okay, but doesn't taste like icecream..BOO.

I had another serving of Salmon with Bokchoy for dinner here at work plus...peaches :)
I couldn't find peaches that weren't in syrup! I ended up getting this kind made with fruit juices and just rinsed them. The fruit juice was made from concentrate. Chalk this up to another sad thing about living in the far north, scarce fresh fruit (except apples, bananas, and pears).
when I get home I'll have my second serving of yogurt with a few more peaches, and some flax meal.


rachel.muchmore said...

My number one stress-buster is prayer, it helps to lay my burdens down. After that.. writing things down, getting the situation on paper often helps me see a solution. When I'm angry/stressed- I clean. Not like normal cleaning.. like tornado or fury cleaning. My husband says cleaning makes me mad.. but it's actually the other way around. Another big feel-good stress reliever is crafting. Making something pretty always brings me to a happy place.

Mollie said...

how about some xanax? I'm messing with you chet...I hope you get over your stress