Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Refreshed and So Happy!

Guess what my first food was other than fruits and vegetables for the past 15 days? It was Peanuts! I made Mama Pea's Bliss Salad <-- Click for recipe! It was SO delicious! I love the dressing, and of course the little peanuts on top! You have got to try out this recipe, I had it for lunch and am about to have some more for dinner.

Here is her gorgeous picture, mine looked exactly like this...LOL, SURE IT DID! ;)


I had a math test this morning that I stayed up until 1:30am studying for, and woke up at 6:30 to keep studying. I left an answer blank and know I got a few things wrong but I'm hoping for a B, for good effort? We'll see! Biology test tomorrow, eek!

In other news, I ended up scoring tickets to see the Milwaukee Bucks V. The New York Knicks, how fun! I have to work Saturday, so Friday will be my only day off this week :(. At least Angie and I are going to work out on Sunday before I have to go to work so that's good!

I'm off to enjoy my delicious salad!

Foods Today:
Mixed Fruit
Chai Tea
BBQ Kale Chips
Bliss Salad x2!

If I go to the game, I really would like to have a beer! Should I indulge, or will it make me gain weight back? Is it worth it?


Fit Mom said...

The salad looks delicious!
If you want a beer, I say have one. It will cause you bloating for maybe a day and then you will be back to normal. Hopefully they have a Miller 64 or something like that.

Good luck on your tests!!

Czesia said...

Thank you! I hope it all turns out for the best! I think I will have one and workout a little extra hard that day :) For sure a miller light, they never have good beer..but I kinda miss a little alcohol in my college life LOL!

Amanda said...

So...unrelated to this post (though I love that your first food was peanuts, haha!), you won The Omnivore's Dilemma on my blog! You have my email address already - if you send me your full mailing address, I'll order the book right away. Book Depository sometimes takes 6 weeks for a book to get to you, but I'm hoping that the turnaround time is a bit quicker now!

Czesia said...

I WON!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYY, I'll email u asap!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

That salad does look good! It's an Asian coleslaw! Perfect summer dinner!