Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 14

Whoa day 14!!!!! I'm so excited!! Just one more day and I'm back to eating a little bit more "normal". I must admit I am a little worried about how I should be eating so I looked up Dr. Fuhrman's website. Dr Furhman was in the documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. He had a few very interesting points in his studies that makes me want to take his lifestyle into practice.

This is his nutritional pyramid from his website (which I just bookmarked)...

Makes sense right? I know it helped me! Going off of his pyramid, I think I am going to aim for 50% diet of vegetables. 20% of fruits and legumes (beans) at 10%. So that's 80% right there! Then I will add nuts and whole grains in at 5% each.So that leaves me with an extra 10% of my diet that I will splurge on items like fish, fat free dairy, maybe an egg here or there. Red Meats, sweets, cheese and processed foods will only be eaten once a week if that. Maybe if I go out to eat with my husband I'll enjoy something out of the ordinary?

I told Marc it would actually be interesting to go on a REALLY long hike and pretend I'm a caveman searching for a steak! LOL! I could then reward myself after my hike with a small steak. New York Strip if it's over 4 hours HAHAHAHA!Source

So what do you think about my plan for going forward after this is over? I also want to really step up my exercise. I stopped going to the gym at 7am because honestly a 16 hour day is just too long, and my membership expired. I needed sleep too! However, now that the days are (maybe) going to get warmer, I'd like to start implementing long workouts on days that I have time. So that would be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I lost most of my weight without a structured gym setting, so I'll be ok! I just have to realize that not every person gets the luxe opportunity to work out whenever they want to! I do take the stairs everyday at school! 6 flights, and then another 7!

Day 14, 3/5/12
Weight Loss: Damn stuck at 11! I really can't complain about that!
Pants: I feel great! I need more jeans!
Mood: Kinda sleepy today, my sleep pattern got askew this weekend, so I think that's why.
Other: (Read the comments from the last post to understand this better) That tea really helped! Then I got those things Frickin' Fabulous told me to get. I haven't felt that BAD feeling since I was a little kid. I felt so VIOLATED. They both worked like magic!
Food List:
Pear, 2 bananas
This lovely Corn, Avocado, and Tomato Salad: Which I thought I made up the recipe, but I obviously didn't, since my photographs are really not so appetizing like this one! Source
Leftover Spaghetti Squash, Tomato sauce, and broccoli from yesterday.

Tomorrow marks my last day! I'll be working on a meal plan to start Wednesday! I'll probably do a double post today :)


Amanda said...

Hrm. I actually have a thing against fat-free dairy. Milk is not so bad. I love fat-free milk, though I do wish I could drink whole milk (I can't, it tastes awful to me). But I refuse to eat other fat-free dairy products. They are more processed and less natural, and that seems weird that the pyramid you have would say that, since it has processed food in the top row...strange.

Czesia said...

I know I felt that way too! It surprised me! I did look at the Chobani website at their 0% fat Greek Plain yogurt, it has no preservatives, no artificial flavors? It does have nonfat milk in it, and is pasteurized but all milk has to be pasteurized though. Also, I would eat dairy in very small amounts if at all.

Czesia said...

Just read up on skim milks processes so maybe I wont eat nonfat dairy???? Now I'm confused.

Czesia said...

Can't wait until I'm a certified registered Dietitian and have some answers of my own LOL!

Czesia said...

omg I can't stop on this topic...I'm wondering if he thinks higher fat is worse than the processing..process? Plus dairy is way up there at the top of the pyramid so I am thinking that may be the thinking behind it? Other commenters, I'd love to hear your opinion too!

Fit Mom said...

I dont know that I would worry about the dairy. As you said, it is way up there on the pyramid. I rarely have any dairy anymore except in string cheese or cottage cheese.

Thanks for looking up the yogurt. I may have to get some of that too to mix things up a bit.

Also glad the tea and the other thing worked. It is so bad feeling uncomfortable. I thought for sure you were going to say you lost 3 lbs after using them LOL.

Your salad looks delicious too!

Czesia said...

MAN I WISH! I was actually a little disappointed when I weighed in the morning!! HAHAHA! It was sooo good. Avocado and corn are like peanut butter and jelly. They go SO good together!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Sorry about that. I do hope you bought the infant ones since they are very slender, and you only need maybe half of one. I HAD to get them when my daughter was potty-training since she'd hold her poop for a week at a time. The 1st time I had to use it she screamed "GET IT OUT OF ME!!!!" I felt so horrible. It's freakin' hsyterical now! I think that a little of that discomfort is nothing to having to go and you can't. After that, I'd just have to take out the little bottle and threaten her with "hiney medicine" if she didn't go! The things you have to do as a parent...

About the dairy issue, maybe it is because that pyramid seems to be following the Paleo diet, (other than the small percentage of meat, I think), so there really wasn't dairy back in caveman times. I love my Dannon Oikos with Kashi granola!!

Mollie said...

man you are so determined, way more than myself. Good job though, it definately takes some perseverance to make it as far as you have. Keep it up girl!