Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 11

First chew in five days! I choose watermelon! (Sorry for the white circles, there was something on the screen of the camera)


Marc scared me to death with this tiny box! Look at what he did!

That little stinker!

We got a lot accomplished today, including trekking out in this crazy snowstorm for groceries :)I'm all set for this week and instead of going for a walk with Angie tomorrow, we are going to the mall! I got my budget all situtated so I am excited to find any good deals! Plus it's been way too long since I've seen her, it'll be nice to catch up.

Day 11, 3/2/12
Weight Loss: 11 LBs
Pants: Fit good! No change
Mood: Happy, life is amazing! Haven't felt sad in so long, it's great!
Food List:
Portobella mushroom, onion, tomato, avocado, romaine wrap up
Sweet Potato
Kale Chips

How was your day?!


Amanda said...

Ew!! Both the finger and the watermelon. Haha, not a fan!!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Oh man, you are so much more brave than I am. I could never do that kind of fast. Mad props yo!

HA, funny prank!

Czesia said...

Amanda- I love watermelon!!!!
The Mrs- It's been an interesting ride so far!! I never knew avocado on corn could taste so good.. but it DOES!

Fit Mom said...

What in the world is with the finger? That came totally out of left

Watermelon sounds so yummy now! May have to get one this weekend.

What is your favorite thing you have eaten today since being able to eat solids again?

Czesia said...

CORN! lol! I put avocado on it like butter and it was FREAKIN ORGASMIC! I'm still thinking about it!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

The finger = yuck!

Question (kinds personal): What's the bathroom situation like on this kind of program? (Ok, very personal.)

Czesia said...

It's okay, don't worry! A lot of people find that they have great movements. I on the other hand, have struggled. I keep upping my water and exercise but it's not working. I even tried lots of papaya which they say has a laxative enzyme in it. It's better now that I am on solids, but not 100% perfect. I think it's different for different people. I have a very sensitive tummy when it comes to dietary changes.

Mollie said...

mmmm watermelon. That's a good first food choice. haha.

Fit Mom said...

I am totally going to try my corn with avocado on it now!