Thursday, March 29, 2012

Read the Directions!

Oh man, I almost fried all of my hair off today.

I bought a box of bleach, and a box of dye to color my hair since I can't afford to get it done anymore. Of course I only skimmed the directions because I'm A.D.D like that.

I put the whole bottle of bleach on my head and then reread the instructions only to find out I wasn't supposed to put it on my roots yet. Oh boy.

So into the shower I went (I had the bleach on for about 5 minutes) and 14 dollars of bleach went down the drain. Awesome.

I actually was scared thinking my roots were going to be bleached and my ends would be fire orange like all the horror stories something like this:

Luckily I was spared, and I think it looks better than it did. Maybe softened the contrast of light blond and dark brown?
My hair is lighter than it was, but not in an offensively orange way :) Now I just have to go buy some VO5 deep conditioning treatments and cut off the dried ends.

Eventually I would like to get to something like this:

I am thinking about signing up for a 5k on May 12th!! It's for a good cause and a good friend of mine from work supports's called StrainfortheBrain and it will be my first 5k ever! I'm nervous!

6 days left of work! I can't WAIT!


Kelly Janowski said...

Your hair looks great. And definitely sign up for that 5K! Racing is so much fun. If I was rich, I'd race every weekend.

Czesia said...

Thank you Kelly! I'm glad I didn't turn out like old Barbs up there!! I think I will do it just to say I did! Maybe I should make a goal about it and see how that goes?!? Maybe 40 minutes, or by then 37 minutes for a 5k (right now my personal best time is 43:12).

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Cute color! Glad you didn't batter fry yo head either! LOL Sign up for the race, you'll rock it fo' sho!

Czesia said...

Thanks!! You and me both LOL! I'm going to see if the hus, or my bff will run with me before signing up..and if not. I'll be making that race my (personal) bitch!

Marcia said...

I love the color! I fried...I mean, hair in high school once. It didn't end well. I'm happy to see yours turned out just fine. :)

Definitely sign up for the 5k. I know of two that I want to do this year, one in July and one in September, but I can't sign up for them yet. If I could, I would, because then I'd definitely have something to work towards. Right now, it's just a hope and a promise since I'm not committed. :/

I love your blog! :)

Czesia said...

Aww thanks Marcia!!!!!I should sign up for those who can't! I guess I'm just afraid I wont measure up, or will feel crowded or something silly. "GOOPY" my 93 year old nana would say, which is "stupid" in Polish LOL! I have a 5k all set up for august so maybe it would be good to get one "out of the way" so I don't feel to nervous later on!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

you crack me up!! I love your hair. It looks awesome. But you're gorgeous regardless so you could probably dye it green and it would still look fine!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Sign up for the 5k! I wish I could race more than I am, but have a pretty expensive race in January I need to think of. Definitely doing the 2 I've always done, in June and September. They are my reference points for how far I've come! So you need to do the one in May so you can PR in August!

Mollie said...

hahahaha you sound like me. geez. You are more brave than me...I don't think I would look good blonde...I am eventually going to go auburn though. You hair looks great. How about when I was preggers I made chad dye my hair me. Talk about brave. haha