Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stinkin' Hot Hike

This post has taken me two days to post, my blogger thing was messed up I guess! So know this all happened Saturday :)

Today, We went hiking and ended up more lost then..I don't know, lost people I guess.

"All is changed, not taken away".

Let's go this way.

I say this way.

Tree. :)

The trail we were on was not marked and we should have known it wouldn't have ended up a positive experience. I wish we could say we had fun. But at least I burned over a thousand calories between the hike and deep cleaning my Rabbit hair infested house. I'm telling you, I'm close to shaving Einstein. He's all fur, and mean-ness.

After realizing just how lost we had become we hit an open field and then there was this weird building in front of us, I was like WTF, where are we???

Come to find out we had been walking out of not only the trail, but the PARK, for like 20 minutes, and had trespassed onto a botanical garden. oops.

Didn't help that Marc was in such a bad mood. I loved the scenery, but it's kind of hopeless to have fun when his mind's not right. So we turned around and went home.

I've been cleaning ever since. He's been meditating and with Nana now. Guess it's time for me to watch some Netflix and we can have some time apart, everyone needs that now and then! Especially when you live in a rabbit hair infested studio apartment. :)

What do you do when you and your significant other need some time apart? What is something you do to try and mend a loved ones bad mood? ( I clean)


rachel.muchmore said...

When we need time apart I usually just leave him with the TV for a while, go to the bedroom and draw or write. Cleaning helps, but not in the same room, if I clean in the same room as him he thinks I am mad about something. Food helps, too.

Czeshia said...

Living together in such a small area (we've always lived pretty much on top of each other for the past 4 years) it's hard not to be in the same room as him LOL! It would be so nice to shut a door other than the bathroom one day!