Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Club Charlies

Marc and I get a 25 dollar coupon every month as a part of restaurant.com's dinner of the month club. If you haven't used restaurant.com it simply lists what restaurants are in your neighborhood (or where you are going to be) that are offering the discount, which can be 10,25,50,75,100 off the tab.

Our deal is usually spend 35 dollars worth of food and then get 25 dollars off. Add 18% gratuity (I 99% of the time tip 20% even if everything sucks). So our bill usually get us to pay about 10 to 20 dollars with the coupon. A good deal most of the time!

After our bike ride this morning, Marc and I decided to use our coupon for a place called Club Charlie's, in the Third Ward. I had mixed feeling going in because it's had quite mixed reviews online. I should have trusted my instincts. Crap.

Let's start off with the good things okie doke? The weather was beautiful, and the neighborhood is quaint. It's a little hippy dippy and that's really my thing. If I could pull of the hipster clothes and not feel like a dummy I probably would.

We had our orders taken, and enjoyed some time relaxing on the patio. It was cool because you can see into the restaurant, which I thought was done beautifully! Marc and I ordered iced teas ($5 something for freaking iced teas, black lipton tea bags and water!).

Marc decided on the Senor Charlies Melt, which is a burger topped with cream cheese, and jalapeno poppers, with a side of Charlie Fries which is baked potatoes cut and deep fried.

Can we say BROWN..lol! He asked for his burger to be medium rare, and it was well done. Sad but not the straw that broke the camels back. He didn't tell me it wasn't what he wanted until after I had an issue with my meal!

I got the Filet Mignon with Charlie Fries, and a side of Broccoli, and a side salad.

The side salad was just shaved iceburg lettuce, some carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms. Which I thought wasn't too bad, but the plate they used was for desserts and much too small! At this point I wasn't upset who cares it's a salad.

I tried one bite of the Filet and it was shoe leather. So SAD!!! I HATE sending things back but at 18.99 a plate I couldn't just not be happy with it right? the waitress even seemed to know what was going to happen since she was right there immediately. I did end up apologizing for asking to send the meal back which I have no idea why I was the one apologizing, however.

She took the Filet back to the kitchen and told me she'd be back out with another one asap.
By the time we got another Filet, Marc and I had finished the rest of our food and had been sitting and waiting for the steak for more than 10 minutes. Marc ate half of my Charlies Fries, which wasn't too bad but were really lacking any type of flavor. They give you some type of white dipping sauce but my calories weren't THAT free today. The broccoli was okay, definitely frozen. I ate them, and I ate half of my salad.I had two bites of steak and asked for a box. Great lunch.

Today is Tuesday. It was not even lunch time. It was not even dinner time. Sad. I really wanted to like this place.

I can give sympathy when sympathy is due but there was no reason for this at all.

Don't go to Club Charlies, I know I wont be back. Two thumbs down.

Club Charlies on Urbanspoon

(I did not receive any money or bribes, or chocolate for this review and mention of restaurant.com...but I probably should have HA!)

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