Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ready for the weekend

I'm so ready for a break, but it's only TUESDAY! At least I can pretend it is Wednesday though since Fridays are my Saturdays.

The blog has been suckage lately, if I don't figure out this camera battery problem soon I'm going to punch someone in the face.

When I lose two more pounds I'll be at my goal weight and will be getting a manicure, i can't wait! I'm going to get the kind of manicure that lasts for 3 weeks without chipping. I can't remember what it's called.

Then my next goal is 12 pounds from now and I'm going to get my hair cut, not length but more volume and layers. I'm not good at having my hair so flat! I've straightened it today for the first time in a while and can't believe how long it is now oh my! If my camera wasn't broken I'd show you! Then for my final goal, when I hit 22 pounds from now, I'm getting new Nikes! My sneaks have really been taking a toll! I'm also thinking about adding music to my itunes, maybe one song per pound? That seems like a good deal lol!

this is about the length I'm at now, but just pretty much straight.

and this is how I'd like it to look

except longer in length. I love those texture layers!

weird that I would pick a valerie bertinelli look instead of reese witherspoon, am I really that old?

Ugh sorry I'm just laying low and enjoying life and trying to keep my head in the clouds and not in the ditch!

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Mollie said...

your hair is really that long? Oh my gosh, it seems like you had it short not so long ago!! but I guess it grows faster then you think. Mine isn't growing as fast as I thought it would, considering that I'm taking vitamins, which should make it sprout out like nobody's business. haha
I think it's a great idea to treat yourself for motivation to lose weight. If that's what works for you, it's great. Especially the treat part. haha. Nothing like quality pampering time...I'm in desperate need of some myself!