Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Rayel!

Today is my sister's birthday!

It is so ironic that Happy Birthday was a song I was already practicing for my piano lesson Saturday! Perfect! I was going to sing to her as well, but I had just woken up! Gravel voice!

So here's to my sister, who I've always looked up to, and looked down to at the same time (hahahaha she's even shorter than me!)

The sister who made me eat dirt, and constantly took the front seat of the car. I LOVE YOU!

So in honor of my sis, Rayel asked me on facebook how my pickles turned out, and can you say DELICIOUS PICKLY PICKLES?!

I was actually really surprised that these pickles taste! It was a bit on the fiery side but had a sweet and smoky curry flavor that mellowed the jalapeƱo flavor. Garlic and vinegary pepper also took center stage here. Man oh man, I've never tasted a pickle like this before, but it was really nice. A bit more rearranging of flavor and they are ready for the big leagues! Marc and I were fighting over them!

My eats today just weren't cutting it! I left the house this morning without eating breakfast, and ended up famished and weak at the grocery store. I picked up a Kashi GoLean bar

...and it tided me over until I could get home and eat. When I got home I had some fiber cereal and strawberries.

Lunch was a Chicken Taco soup, which was okay. I just am not in love with this kind of soup. It doesn't make me feel like I'm enjoying my food which I really only try to eat when something seems appetizing to me. I made this soup for Marc with toppings of refried beans, cheddar, sour cream, and cilantro but sadly I couldn't have all those toppings (which would have made it tons more palatable).

I had mine with plain yogurt which did help some but the tortilla "chips" seemed to be more of a "okay take two bites of soup, and then you can have a bite of tortilla" LOL.

My dinner was eating the rest of the steak from the horrid Club Charlies with spinach, Neufchatel cheese, and another tortilla. My dessert will be a piece of toast with cinnamon and brown sugar, and a cup of cantaloupe.

Just not exciting and really not fun at all. I actually feel like that tiny bit of soup has put too much sodium in my system and it feels like crap. Tomorrow is my day off and I'm going to take a long rejuvenating bike ride (and maybe a swim!!) and eat only foods that I know I will like!

I love you guys, see you soon!

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Have you eaten anything recently that just didn't live up to your expectations? Or made something in the past that was just terrible? Tell me about it!

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