Wednesday, July 20, 2011


You're not going to believe this...I was playing with the rabbits in the kitchen today, no I wasn't going to make rabbit stew, it's just the easiest and safest place for the fluffy ones to hop around and not chew all of my cords up! SO...I was bunny proofing and my BATTERY CHARGER for my camera was behind the side table next to my freakin couch, in PLAIN sight! To make a story short, I was sooo happy I could barely stop laughing and cheering, and dancing to Nicky Minaj's super bass and then glad I didn't have the battery charged for that part because knowing me, I might have started filming :) scary sight.

Without further ado, I thought I would show you what I made for lunch today! It was great, perfect for summer. I call it grilled chicken with pineapple salsa and green beans. <--- catchy title right?

Pineapple salsa (or really any fruit salsa **try peach or mango mmmm**) is just as easy as regular pico de gallo. Just add equal parts pineapple and tomato with chopped chives, jalapeño, and cilantro. I buy the dried cilantro because I can never keep cilantro alive in my house (eww wet moldy green stuff in a bag). Plus dried cilantro has a much milder flavor, which I need because cilantro is a little bit strong for my taste buds. The chives, and jalapeño were from our garden! p.s. I like those little ñ's with the squiggle on top, looks like the n just went to the hair stylist and asked for "the Elvis".

Pretty huh, gotta toot my own horn for this one. Nana had chicken soup which she deemed too sour and poured sugar in it. Gotta love her. At least she ate some cookies with coffee, and the crackers I put on the side. Nana loves her sugar that's for sure.

It is sooo hot today, so we all stayed inside with the blinds drawn and watched Jimmy Fallon on hulu.

Beanka loves Jimmy Fallon, or maybe Justin Timberlake, who was rapping with Jimmy (hilarious!)

That furball is just too cute! Im talking about the one in the foreground people, stop starring at my sheep husband LOL!

I'm ONE pound away from my goal weight!! whooohoooo! Once I get it done I'm getting a manicure, and since I've lost 3 pounds to get to my goal I get to download three new songs on my mp3 player! I'm thinkin about super bass (of course) and maybe ET or Friday Night by Katy Perry and that Shake that you know what I am talking about? Mainly because I want to learn this dance! Check it!

Yeah that would take me like forever to learn, but it would be fun to try!

Catch ya lata!


Mollie said...

I want to ship you down here to cook for me...just saying! lol
On a random note, I love your playlist. =)

glad you got your camera up and running again. I know that makes your week, for sure! haha

Czeshia said...

I would love to, cooking is the BEST! I'm glad you like my playlist, i was wondering about it being on here (as in, is it annoying to start immediately, blahblahblah)