Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where's Czesia?

Czesia has been HIDING, no I'm not dead!

No really I haven't given up on my blog just life got in the way. Call it life, call it lack of creativity, call it writers blog...whatevs.

Let's see since I've blogged last (pardon me some of this may be very random)...

I was way sick for a while as you've read before. I ended up staying in bed for a whole weekend, it was terrible! This sickness I thought was because I was reducing my carb intake, but it was really because I had some kind of bug plus a mixture of a medicine I was taking and other things.

The holidays flew by and we enjoyed lots of time with my in-laws.
The Ladies
The Gents
Me and My booboo
He looked smokin'
A part of my gift! I also got a scarf, a candle, and tea!
this is my Christmas tree, I love all the cards :)

and I finally made an artichoke! I don't know if I cooked it enough though, the goop in the leaves is it supposed to be crunchy? So here are my instructions

Step 1) ooh and ahh over the pretty artichokes

Step 2) Attack the ArtichokesStep 3) boil a couple inches of water with lemon juice, garlic, and bay leaves

Step 4) Make a contraption so the artichokes steam (I had a picture of the inside but I'm too lazy to try and re-upload that)Make sure the towel you put over the lid is damp! I put it on dry and you should have seen that thing light up like dynamite!
Step 4) Make your dips. I've heard butter is good, and alos mayo with balsamic vinager but there is no way in hell that I'm eating mayo...soo.. This dressing is okay, I'm not into dressing that much. Butter is off limits, so bacon ranch it is.

I liked it!
This yogurt was also yummy, it's from yesterday. Plain nonfat yogurt with orange segments and a tablespoon of flax meal.

Plus today I dyed Nana's hair, and it's pretty cool looking like a burgundy color.

I read all of East of Eden, and The Help. Both are highly recommended so pick up a copy.

My new years resolutions are to:

Lose some more weight, stick with this diet (I've lost five pounds since Christmas!)
Stay honest with myself and others
work out 4 times a week
Go to the Dr. if I'm sick (Marc added this one, haha)
Get at least a B in my classes
Not intentionally skipping class this semester
Save 200 dollars a month

I have high expectations!

Todays food list:
Hot water with Lemon
grilled chicken over lettuce, shaved carrots, and cherry tomatoes
Plain nonfat yogurt with half a green apple sprinkled liberally with cinnamon (holy yum)
Two egg omelet with mushrooms, spinach and a tablespoon of feta, dill and cayenne on top
chicken pesto vegetable soup
glass of 1% milk with vanilla extract YUMMYUMYUMMYUMMMYY! I can't wait too go home and drink this up! Maybe after my work out and shower so I can feel extra awesome!

One of my favorite looks since I've blogged last
My hair was up in a bun!

Well I think that's about caught you up, hopefully you are doing well!

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Mollie said...

oh my gosh chet, I wish I was half as motivated as you are. All of your new "foodies" sounds so delicious. I would so try all of them if it weren't for my super picky hubby, and the fact that I'm too poor/cheap(mostly cheap) to [ay for two meals. They sound so awesome though. I have actually worked out two days in a row now, hoping I can stick with it. I also bought eggs and wheat toast..eating breakfast will be a good change for me, even if I do nothing else. So let's see if we can both stick with the healthy lifestyle(mostly you..I'll "try")
good luck!

Czeshia said...

Girl you got this! Breakfast is said to make a load of difference! I HATE cooking for two :( Marc's job makes it easy on us though, he gets meals at work which is nice. I'll be rooting for us both!

rachel.muchmore said...

You're so awesome. I'm pretty sure I found those 5 lbs you lost, but I'll be kicking them to the curb shortly. Also, Hooray for cooking an artichoke! Those things intimidate the heck out of me! Haha :)

Sarah said...

Hey Czeshia,

What was the texture of the artichokes like? Sometimes I have problems with the skin being too tough...did this cooking technique make them tender?

Czeshia said...

The artichokes were kind of tough, I felt like I wasn't doing it right!! They did end up steaming beautifully but the "meat" was still a little "crunchy?"