Thursday, December 2, 2010

exhaustion has taken over

My creativity is waining tonight. I'm way overtired. I'm one of those people that can't function normally (I can function but not at my best) without about 9 hours of sleep a night and last night I had 5 hours. Usually this isn't a big deal, I suck it up, go to school, and come home to crash for a couple hours before my second class. Today though, this couldn't happen because the electricians were still at the house finishing up the project from yesterday.

One good thing was we got Nana to have breakfast and lunch with us today! For breakfast we had bacon and eggs with Polish bread and for lunch Marc made Mock Chicken, baked potatoes, and some leftover broccoli from Thanksgiving! What a great guy! I was proud of him for cooking on his day off. He hates to do it, but I need the help especially on a school day so I'm happy that he was very willing to try!

I was sooooooo full after lunch so I haven't eaten since then (it's 9pm now) I have a feeling it has to do with feeling so tired as well. I'm planning to just have some yogurt with uncooked oatmeal on top after work (be checking on Sparkpeople ray ray!)

So my brain doesn't want to think about much else that happened today so I'm going to cut this one on the short side and show off some pictures.

The book I'm reading, so far so's a biggie!


the Christmas Tree at work, they just finished putting it up today. Very pretty!

It's Hannukah! Quite a few of the residents are Jewish.

More of the lobby

and more of the lobby :)

and my favorite part of the lobby! I love the juggling pins on the bottom mid-right.

Now you know what I look at everyday! I'm so ready for my weekend to start, I can't think of a weekend that I've actually needed to recharge the batteries more than this one.

Plans for this weekend:
Put up the Christmas Tree
Change Pantry for shelves (still to be shown)
Give nana a perm
Show the weekend guy how to use the fire alarm at work
Out to dinner on Saturday! I should go look at and see what I can save on!
finalize Christmas/upcoming birthday presents/plans
Go to Goodwill to exchange items
Go to Walmart to exchange items
Read more of my book
Complete two essays for History (could bleed into Monday)
Complete oral exam preparations for History (could bleed into Monday)

That's IT! phew! What are your plans for the weekend?

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