Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Marc always says that out of nowhere he'll scream I AM BEOWOLF! LOL!

I didn't blog yesterday because I was WAY too busy chatting it up with my awesome sissy. We have decided that during my spring break from school that Marc and I will go and visit her and Tim and while we are there *DRUMROLL PLEASE* we are going to run our first race ever! TOGETHER! We are going to do a 5k. I'm a little worried since I can't run outside BUT I'm getting an awesome treadmill that I'll train on.

We are following this schedule.

In weight loss news, I've lost 2.4 pounds this week...yay!

I also did this Yoga program which was actually really informative, it had half an hour of meditation in the beginning and then went into the yoga. This one was very much for inner peace and self awareness more than weight loss. I liked it just for the educational benefits, but now that I know the way to breath, relax, and meditate correctly I can move on to harder moves and a faster pace workout. Here's the Youtube link.

I did my projects for history class yesterday and was really proud of myself! I still have to do an essay tonight for english class but I know I can get it done fairly easily. I'm going to start writing at 8 and hopefully be finished by 10. It's the first (and last in this class) essay with the MLA formatting and work cited page.

So now that I've lost that 2.4 pounds I'm in a new category of weight loss, I'm down a decade if you know what I mean and it feels great! It's amazing how confident it can make you feel! Here I am yesterday before my oral exam for history. I still have a ways to go, but I know I can do it!

That's my natural wave to my hair, I hate it, which is why you will normally see it curled or straightened. I left it this way because I had no time left! Plus the lights in my house are florescent so that's why I look all weirdly yellow (including my hair color lol)

For Lunch today I made my favorite standby: Bok Choy with Bacon, but this time I added a couple of slices of rye bread! This bread is so good (I buy it from the mexican grocery store) that I don't have to put anything on it for it to taste good! Just toast it and enjoy YUM!

For dinner I was going to make porkchops, green beans, and mashed potatoes but I ran out of time, so I decided to have....

I got their Veggie sub without Mayonaisse. I love this one because it has avocado in it, perfect to get my healthy fat in for the day! On the side I had a serving of their Thinny Chips, (It's just reduced fat) and a diet coke.

now I must get to work on my persuasive essay, I hate to have to but it's a must. Let's see how long it takes me to finish!


rachel.muchmore said...


> hooray for 5k plans! I'm planning to start training in January!
> double hooray for 2.4 pounds and your new category of weight loss! That's fantastic!
> triple HOORAY for your smokin' hotness! You look super fly Chetney, and I really mean that, even with yellow hair.. you look like one of the angels from Touched by An Angel! Haha!

also..tell me about bok choy. I want to try it but have no idea what it's like.. is it like cabbage? I just discovered that I like cabbage, I hated it as a kid and always assumed I still hated it because of the smell, but turns out I was wrong :)

Czeshia said...

You so sweet thank you so much for your compliments! Bok Choy is AMAZING! if you like cabbage, you are going to fall in LOVE with Bok Choy. It is in the cabbage family, but not as sulfurous in taste and smell. It has varying texture thing whihc makes it even more awesome! The white part is crunchy almost like celery in bite, but not stringy and the top is like swiss chard in texture! It's sooo good for you too!! Let me know if you like it! It's used a lot in Vietnamese cooking.

Czeshia said...

plus I am SO excited for your race training as well! Are you going to do a 5k as well? I think I am going to start training in mid february, so you can give me hints along the way!

rachel.muchmore said...

Yes, a 5K.. the Couch to 5K program. I've started it twice before and I always give up around half-way through.. so 3rd time's a charm, right? Haha.