Monday, December 13, 2010


I forgot to explain why I didn't blog on Thursday.

Thursday was very sad, and very shocking (this is hard to write about because I imagine what happened over and over again)

Around 5-6am that morning I remember Frankie purring up to Marc and Marc was petting him. Frankie out of nowhere attacked Marc's arm and in a sleepy/angered state he put the cat in the other part of the basement.

Around 7am in the morning we both woke up to a loud banging on the door connecting our part of the basement to where we go up the stairs to Nana's house. Marc yelled out, upset that sleep was disturbed (this wasn't the first time it had happened). He opened the door and pretty much screamed OH MY GOD!! In a very distressed voice, it scared me to death. I immediately thought Frankie got to her face, maybe even her eye (I have no idea how I thought of Frankie so quickly) I fell out of bed to see Nana in the doorway, crying and covered in blood.

Her arm was viciously torn up. She said that she picked him up, and he bit and scratched her. I called all of our relatives to figure out what to do, we knew that this wasn't life threatening, yet it was dangerous because cat bites can become infected very quickly if not treated correctly. I had to go to school, so Linda came and took Marc and Nana to the ER.

I fortunately got out of school early because it was just a review day for the final exam and no one had any questions. So I went to the hospital and stayed while they were taking care of her wounds. She didn't get stitches because this infection can get infected so it needs to stay open. She thankfully, liked the attention at the hospital and was tough!

The cat had to be taken to animal services and euthanized. It's sad because I know this cat could have been so loving and great but because it was treated badly before we took him in he was mean and semi-wild. I'll really miss Franek.

Nana is doing well we keep checking her cuts and everything seems okay.

Glad that day is over with though, it was terrible.


rachel.muchmore said...

Oh how awful! It's so sad when things like this happen with animals. Sorry for your loss of a kitty, and also sorry for Nana, hope she heals up quickly :)

Mollie said...

that's terrible chet