Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can I throw up now?

I feel WAY nauseas. I'm on antibiotics and they are kicking my butt! Mix that with the accelerate (or shall we say detox) section of the 17 day diet and you've got one sick Chetney.

Wahhh, I don't feel good :(

So this finally came in the mail

which I am really excited about but its tough! Basically I eat lots of veggies, lots of lean protein, 2 fruits before 2pm and 2 probiotics (plain yogurt, Kefir, kimchi, or sauerkraut).

So that rules out red meat, sugar, carbs that aren't from fruit and veggies, and of course junkie junk junk. I'm determined though! After 17 days I should have sped up my weight loss to 10-12 pounds and go from there. With the program you do at least 17 minutes of exercise as well which I bought their exercise DVD as a companion to the book and it was actually pretty interesting as far as exercise DVD's go. My plan is that if I can do other activities for at least 17 minutes than I wont do the DVD but if I run low on time or motivation I'll do it. I'll keep you updated though because I know this is going to pretty much suck for the next 17-34 days haha!

For breakfast I had an egg and 1 cup of grapes with a glass of green tea.
Lunch was a huge salad with ground turkey, an ounce of reduced fat cheese, a tomato, a bunch of green onions (which I ended up not eating so much of-very strong), and some salsa. Plus 6 oz of plain nonfat yogurt.

For dinner I had a egg over easy, spinach, a cup of boiled carrots, and some more ground turkey.

When I get home I'll have some more plain yogurt.

So this is way strict but it will jump start my weight loss, and change my taste buds.

All I want to do right now is throw up, or punch someone.

It doesn't help that this is in my face.

Here's a kinda fuzzy picture of my new hair! Forgive the cell phone blur!

BLEGH, I really might have to puke now.


rachel.muchmore said...

Oh my gosh I love your new hair, even though it is surrounding a very grumpy Chetney face. I have never heard of this diet, but I hope it gives you what you want from it. I'm thinking you're gonna have to come up with some more options besides ground turkey and eggs though, the thought alone is making me kind of nauseous ;) One of the things on my 25 by 25 list is to "eat like a hippie" for a month.. trying to eat organic/clean, pescetarian. I'm planning to wait until spring/summer time to embark on that adventure though, when more fruits and veggies are in season, so I don't starve. Anyway, hope you feel better soon, love.

Czeshia said...

haha! I know yesterday's meals were kinda the same, but i wanted to use up the turkey! I always take rumpy pics, I like them!

Czeshia said...