Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stocking stuffers for "Him"

So I know it's later into the Christmas Season, but I thought I would share what I bought Marc for his Stocking this year!

For the first couple of years I was so boggled about what to get him, and really each guy is different but I think I've finally cracked the guy code this year!

I got him...

A Street Rodder Magazine (2011, lol)

An Operation hand held game (for 7.99 booyah!)

A "Would you rather" card game (I actually think I got the one that's for little kids, but that could be funny, maybe it even has questions about BOOGERS!!!)

A candy cane filled with Reeses (Mini's not pieces! Use your imagination!)

A Christmas ornament that has a place to stick our picture... (looks nothing like this but the baby was so cute I couldn't resist!)

I think I'll use this picture for the inside!
Last but not least he's getting a big onion for two reasons... #1, to round out the toe of his stocking, #2 he's a huge BRAT.

So those are my ideas for the stocking!! What are you filling your stockings with?


Mollie said...

aww those are great ideas! We are skipping christmas this year since we are broke, and it's our only year where ava won't know the difference, so we are def taking advantage. ON the plus side, dollar store toys are great until she's like 5 haha. I think I need to start doing stockings along with gifts because that's my fav part!

Czesia said...

I heard that kids have no idea what's worth a dollar, and what is worth 50 LOL! I really liked the stocking idea this year, I forgot to mention I'm putting a HUGE onion in his stocking too, because he's a BRAT! :)

Amanda said...

I'm giving Jason a notebook in his stocking that hopefully he'll like. It's really hard to find the right size and type of notebook for him, but he really likes having the right kind. I know the one I got him isn't perfect, but that's why it's going in his stocking rather than under the tree, haha! :D