Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Christmas Time!


The tree is up at work! I think this is the prettiest one yet! They clustered the bulbs on all the branches, and I've never seen that before!

Here's the fireplace

I've been inspired to put my own tree up! We were going to put up our regular tree, but It's busted beyond repair. Wicked old I guess. So we happened to be in the neighborhood of Stein's Garden store and bought a little fir tree :). I wanted Balsam but they didn't have it in the size we wanted.

After taking this picture, I realized my table is sooo off center. Sometimes I eat on the couch and set my plate on the little table, so that is probably why. I guess I musta moved it. We are going to decorate the tree tomorrow night! I don't even know if we still have Christmas decorations in the attic. This is really special to me because Marc and I haven't decorated a tree together yet! (Our dating anniversary is tomorrow, 4 years!!)

I thought you all might like to get your Beanka fix! She was so cute sitting with Marc as he was surfing the web. I was headed out the door and snapped a picture. Before, and after this she was totally dozing off.

I finished my Research Paper last night, and am tentatively starting the second one. It's due Sunday, but I don't even have a thesis statement yet.

I did just put in my application for Mount Mary! I'm BEYOND excited, I really want to go to this school!

I'll let you know as soon as I find out!


Amanda said...

I love that cute little tree!!

Whenever we moved back up north, I'm looking forward to having a real tree again. We used to get them from a tree farm every year in Wisconsin. This fake one we've got now is so sad, but getting a real tree in Texas is stupid.

Czesia said...

Are you going to move back up north?!? I've never had a real tree before, I have to admit I really like it!

Mollie said...

we had a busted up fake tree too and finally decided to toss it so we wouldn't have something else to carry on the move. We are actually skipping all that this year since next year starts the rest of our lives with "santa" haha...or maybe the year after. This year is a break though!

The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

I love Christmas too! Love your tree, so cute!

Czesia said...

Mollie, aww! Are you going to go to a christmas party? I'm glad you get some form of a break though!

The Mrs. Thank you, I can't wait to show it off after decorating it!

SlimKatie @ Runs for Cookies said...

Beanka is adorable. And I love the little Christmas tree!