Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's only 7:40 and I want to crawl under the desk and take a nap! So tired!!

Yesterday I got a belated Christmas gift of pure maple syrup! So of course my breakfast had to center around what I would consider liquid gold.

I ended up having a slice of french toast, with half and apple and banana on the side...with a teensy bit of syrup on the fruit too! Don't judge LOL! Of course, I also had a glass of iced coffee with hazelnut creamer :)

Lunch was just kind of thrown together with what we had in the house. I should have eaten boatloads more veggies! I just wasn't in the mood.

Later on I had an english muffin with onion chive cream cheese on it.

Dinner will be another chicken drumstick, roasted broccoli from yesterday, and a some romaine.

I just wasn't really into food that much today! It kind of went downhill from breakfast! Nothing can beat maple syrup!

I just went over all of our finances and now i'm EXHAUSTED...anybody wanna be my (FREE) accountant?

Goodnight guys, wish me energy to finish out the work shift!


Anonymous said...

Yes! You know I love that stuff!! -Ray

Anonymous said...

((Accounting)) -Ray

Amanda said...

I wonder why blogger's acting weird with the never gives me any trouble at all!

My husband adores maple syrup. I cant' stand the stuff. :D

Czesia said...

pictures are up now! Amanda, I have no idea why I always have so many issues lol! If it isn't here at work then it is at home! So weird! I basically can't blog at home because of the problems...

Ray Ray- DEAL!

Mollie said...

your food always sounds yummy though. Way healthier than the stuff I have around my house, for sure. I want to keep more veggies around. def.

If I could keep my own finances in check I'd help you with your stuff. lol