Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Part One: Math Final

I took part one of my math final today and ACED IT! Not a single question wrong, woohoo!

I take the second part on Thursday! It's my last class and I'm so excited!

I gave myself a manicure to celebrate, I never think to look at the names of the colors, but this is a tangerine base with a gold glitter top coat from Sinful Colors at Walgreens.

Sorry it's a bit blurry!

Look what happened the first time I tried to take this picture!!

Is my camera about to die or something?! Spooky.

I gave myself a "healthy" break from my hyper-vigilant eating and exercise habits because juggling school with it just seemed overwhelming. I didn't really talk about it here on the blog because it was embarrassing to say that I was having a hard time, to be honest! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am back on the wagon, and so ready to bring in the New Year healthier than when I started!

This is my eats for tomorrow, I count the calories on Sparkpeople, and then write it down on scratch paper to place on my fridge. This was the day is already accounted for, and I know what I'm having. It's really worked for me.

I've got my water, and my apple for a snack at work tonight

and for eats today I have toast with Peanut butter, and tomato soup with grilled cheese. I'll be eating dinner when I get home around 11:30pm. That's what my schedule looks like when I have school. It'll be so much better tomorrow!

Speaking of eating, I hate where I have to eat at work, after complaining, and actually cleaning back there, I still come here to this...

I'm sorry guys I know that's gross, but imagine having to eat next to that! There is cookies back there from last Christmas too. Disgusting.

I'm so ready to get into a more relaxed schedule guys!!! Get ready for it :)!!!


Amanda said...

Yay! I'm glad it went well and that you're almost done! I'm really nervous about going back to school one of these days.

Czesia said...

I think the hardest part was actually going back! Now that I'm in it, I don't hardly get the nerves that I did in the beginning! You'd be amazing in school, for sure!

Mollie said...

I like the other color. haha.

Our break room is gross too,but mostly from day to day when the lazy heffers don't clean up after themselves. How gross!

Good job on the math thing...I'm so nervous about when I actually start back to college...ughh