Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Good and the Bad

Good- I got an A in my Sociology class, so I don't have to take the final, or go for the last few classes HOLLA!

Bad- I have a two part final for Math next week.

Good- The holidays are coming up!

Bad- I have to work Christmas, and New Years.

Good- I only have to work my regular shift, 5pm to 11pm.

Bad- It sucks.

Good- Time and a half

Bad- Eating out WAY TOO MUCH lately!

Good- Soon school stress will be over, so focus on weight can be at 100%, and not survival.

You guys have any "goods and bads?" you'd like to share?


Mollie said...

good: I've lost twenty pounds without having to change anything
bad: still need to loose a lot and it's too cold to take baby for walks yet.
good: i downloaded zumba to try out for an indoor activity
bad: I'm uncoordinated. hahaha.

Amanda said...

Good: My writing is going really well.
Bad: I think this book is going to be closer to 100,000 words, eek!