Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Squares: Quitting the Blog

Hello Faithful blog readers! I love it when you come out of the woods, so to speak, and announce yourselves. I really do in fact, one of my elementary school friends (yes we keep in contact!) told me she looks forward to the blog every day! YAY! Made my whole night, morning, afternoon and look I'm still talking about it. I would just be sitting here babbling to myself if it weren't for you. Thank you for dropping in.

School is ramping up. Poo. Today I woke up at 5 am to work on a large project, and have spent over six hours on it. I'm proud to say I just turned it in.... it's only a rough draft though, ouch. I'm going to be in pain when the full one is due next week. Anyway, I've digressed. With school ramping up means I have less tome to devote to the blog but this semester I am not going on hiatus. No. I refuse to quit. You will see why a little later. Ooo Foreshadowing?

Breakfast: Eggs, veggie breakfast sausage, kale, spinach and cheddar. So good! I love eggs, I want to eat them every day.

Lunch SUCKED, SO NOT GOOD. I think it was because I was just grabbing stuff in the fridge and pulling it out all "creatively". this is good in salad, ooo this is also good in salad...

Baby Kale, tomato, mozzarella, kidney beans, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sage, rosemary, avocado and strawberry vinaigrette. I'm blaming this weird kitchen sink mix on my fried brain last night when I made this.

After school I saw a hawk kill a squirrel! Can you see him try to pick him up?

The hawk is sitting on his prey, he's saying-  "my squirrel"!
Lately, with all of life's stress I want to try to remember that I'm not the only one who is experiencing my crazy life, schedule and work load. Marc is always there to cheer me on, so I wanted to do something for him "just because". So I went to the grocery store before picking him up from work (we carpool), and I bought popcorn, chocolate, dark lager and a card. Some of his favorites, there is nothing better than seeing his surprised smile! I have to remember to do things lake this more often. Everyone enjoys a surprise!
He shared with me!

After the popcorn, I really wanted a second bowl. Without thinking about it I poured myself one and Marc said, you have to take a picture of that for your blog and I paused. I didn't want to admit to you that I had a second bowl SO I DIDN'T EAT THE SECOND BOWL, I POURED IT BACK IN THE BAG! I'm proud of myself! Go me! I didn't need more popcorn, I didn't need more snacks. This was supposed to be a treat, especially for Marc! This is why my blog is so important for me to maintain, so I stay honest, and I am not quitting.
Marc made dinner! Love our agreement! He made the tofu hot dog recipe, radish and cottage cheese salad with green onion and mustard on the side. I swear the recipe is coming for the tofu hot dogs! I have all the pictures done! Hopefully this weekend.

I took this picture to show you what I look at when I write my blog posts, and do my homework. This is why I moved my desk to the window. I'm thankful and blessed to have a neighbor with gardening love.

I'm off to print out some work for school tomorrow and relax for the night, phew! See you all tomorrow.


Ashleigh said...

What a tricky title! That definitely scared me for a minute. Glad you're not quitting as I am one of the faithful every day readers and tonight reading your post gave me respite from the evil "liver you!" :-D

Lorrie Haley said...

Your title worried me. I read your blog pretty often. One of the ways I stay on track is by reading bloggers who are devoted to a healthy lifestyle change. Great job with keeping yourself accountable. The hard work will pay off. As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters!