Friday, September 12, 2014

Three Squares: Friday Escapades

Fridays are my work days, where I nanny a 4 year old. I start my day taking the older brother to kindergarten, make sure they eat breakfast and brush teeth. After that chaos is over it's like a "normal' play day at home with my youngest friend!

Here's my breakfast after chaos... hopefully you'll judge me on this meal instead of my dinner.... ok let's just say no judging at all haha!

Cashews, eggs, tomato breakfast

After breakfast it's keep little one busy so she doesn't ask for TV time, minimal TV on Czesia time. So we played "hide toys" and then...

Hide and seek! Here I am hiding behind a red curtain. I know you could see my pink socks-but she couldn't find me! I ended up laughing and then she found me with a "gotcha"!

Here she is hiding under the fabric lining of the couch haha! She's so funny! You can kind of see the outline of her pink pants.

Lunch was a waffle with peanut butter and walnuts, a delicious pear as well.

Dinner was a treat from my love. I didn't eat the donut, it was stale. The coffee is half caf for studying purposes. Normal DD Nummies.

Other news, I lost 5 pounds this week. I know, I know :) and I'm off to go study so I can ACE this test on Monday.
Nighty night!

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