Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three Squares: Rollercoaster Weekend

Don't you just love the weekend? I try really hard to love each day, no matter what my tasks are, but having that freedom of schedule is so nice. However, too much freedom of schedule can mess with my ability to make good decisions. It's a balance isn't it?

My weekend was a rollercoaster- of emotion, of busy-ness, of everything. However, I can say I'm really proud of my food choices and am so happy to be consistent with Three Squares.
Saturday morning breakfast consisted of plan Greek yogurt and blueberries (probably the last fresh of the season for me), eggs with sharp cheddar and salsa, and my "always" black iced coffee.
I have a class every other Saturday morning, it's about detective fiction (fun!), so after school I was hungrypants. I decided to COOK! How funny to allow yourself time to get down and dirty in the kitchen? I made the best stuffed green peppers of my life! Hands down! My peppers had soy protein, eggplant, mushroom, fresh tomato, garlic, mozzarella and marinara. I want to make these everyday!

So since they were the best damn stuffed peppers ever, I ate one for dinner as well.

Breakfast this morning was more yogurt, berries and some spicy peanuts. Black iced coffee is of course here as well.

Are you surprised to see another pepper, haha?! I couldn't help myself. I also had some scrambled egg with spinach, cheddar and salsa.

Dinner was had while we were out and about. I desperately wanted a desk that we could multi-purpose into a small dining table. So we searched a bazillion stores for one, as well as visited with family. We got pretty hungry so we stopped to eat dinner at Jimmy Johns. Their veggie sammie is good, but I wish they had some hummus to throw on it.  I had some salt and vinegar chips and a quarter of a cookie. I wanted more cookie but Marc ate only a quarter of the cookie in solidarity, so I could easily watch him throw it out. It made me tear up a bit to see him in my corner that way.

Here's my new desk set up (where I'm writing this now). I love it!!!!! It's the little things in life right?

Never in my life did I think I would like a glass anything.... but this is nice because my place is so small it doesn't take up too much room, or visual space. It's also the most PERFECT HEIGHT for my chair. I just need an inch under my feet to reach the floor (constant Czesia problem)

This is a good shot of my desk with Marc's desk. We can be "office" buddies now.

Off to see it there is some homework I can get my hands into.

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