Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three Squares: Life Is Good

Phew! Wednesdays are tough! Mid-week is a sure fire marathon, but we're in the down stretch!

I lost track of time this morning and ended up running out the door with my breakfast. Marc and I carpool to his job on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before I get on the freeway to school. So thankfully I could ride as the passenger while I enjoyed my breakfast. This morning it was a waffle sandwich with egg, cheddar and maple syrup. I'm out of waffles now darn! It's a delicious combo and keeps me full (especially if the waffles are wheat). This is like my "stoner" sandwich and will probably be on our restaurant menu, right Ashleigh? Haha!

I also had a banana that I saved for the ride home from school.

Lunch was in the hot, hot sun! A super veggie sandwich with hummus, lettuce, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, pickles and pepper jack (it was so good and so massive!). Red ants on a log which is cherries and dried blueberries with peanut butter and celery. Also on the list, strawberries and a protein bar which was really just chocolate candy lol... it was soooooo chocolate-y. This was one of my most favorite lunches in a while.

Tonight was Marc's last night to cook dinner this week. He made veggie burgers and potato wedges. Forgive the two pictures but I was so starving and complain-y about being hungry that Marc gave me the burger first as a pacifier, shut up pill, hunger pang reducer!

Wedges came later...oh so good. Marc makes great fries with Italian seasoning, smoked paprika and salt. I found a great "Heinz" alternative from Wild Oats, it's got a nice kick to it!

Can I just say I love this fellow? No matter what happens, I know he's got my back. This picture was taken while I was writing this blog. He's laying his head on my shoulder and I'm happy to report that 7 years later I still get butterflies. He does a lot for me, and I am so happy in love!
 Tomorrow I shadow a dietitian at the hospital, I'm lucky and get to do it twice this semester! Yay! Have a good night, we're off to walk the dog around the neighborhood. Life is good.

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Ashleigh said...

Even though I haven't tried this "stoner sandwich" yet, I'm pretty sure it will wind up on Zazic's menu. Waffle will be made from scratch (of course), maybe barley or cornmeal based or a mix of the two?!?! We gotta be writing this down; note to self: bust out the recipe cards! This post brings me joy - it's wonderful to read about you being happy. Love you!