Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stolat Marek!

Have you noticed something about my blog lately? ? ?

no pictures!!!

I'm sorry :(

I swear I'll get more organized soon, once this new schedule becomes a habit. Can I just say how exhausted I am? I'm so glad today is my Friday. I really needed it. I haven't been to the point of falling asleep while driving (THANK THE LORD) but I've not been thinking too clearly. I don't think it's sleep deprivation, but maybe just a drastic change of lifestyle. Usually I'm not busy from sunup to sun down so that being my life now, has made me just overwhelmingly exhausted.

Why can't this be me???

This weekend should be fun! It's my husbands 31st birthday on Saturday! We are going to Red Robin for his free burger (I'll be getting something less fun), and then to the movies for Sherlock Holmes. He's excited, so that's good. I guess your 31st birthday can't be as fun as your 30th! Here are some pictures from his birthday last year...

I surprised him with all his family and friends at a Mexican restaurant, and then we all went to a comedy show! We spent the weekend in Chicago, it was all so much fun!
He was shocked! I'm just putting in time for a rocking 2019 HAHAHA! Yup he "robbed the cradle", his favorite joke is that he fell in love with me as I was walking off the school bus with my care bears backpack..

Stolat Marek, Kocham Cie! <3


Mollie said...

Ummm yah... Chad is 8 years older than he's a perv

Czesia said...

bahaha yeah marc and I are 8 years apart too!

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a great time!