Monday, January 16, 2012

Apartment Tour!

So most of you know that I live in my husband's grandmother's home. It's over a hundred years old, and she's lived here for about 60 years. She's from Poland, and moved to America during the World War II era.

Since she has Alzheimer's and needs help with everyday tasks, Marc and I moved in with her in 2010 to help our family with the burden.

I've been telling you guys I'd give you a "tour" since I've started this blog and I'm finally ready, since we just deep cleaned and rearranged furniture. I didn't include the entrance of the apartment (you have to go through three doors just to get inside!) nor the pantry/closet, and the bathroom. You'll just have to use your imagination!

So this is what you see when you enter the apartment. There isn't a designated living room, or bedroom so we didn't have a choice really! The bed only fits in this room HAHA! You'll also see the rabbits first thing. We just moved them from our computer room to the main room so they could be closer to the heater. I think they like it, and I do to because I like watching them before going to bed. Speaking of which, Einstein got a haircut today! Now he can see!

Here's a few different angles of the main room. Yup our bed is on milk crates, we're rich LOL! One of Marc's new years resolutions is to make a bed frame! We had a metal one but it's cheaply made and not sturdy.

Off of the main room, is our tiny entertainment room!
We have the computer in here, and a love seat. I really like this area because before we had the computer desk, and computer at the foot of the bed. Meaning we could be ridiculously lazy and stay in bed all day. So bad for the psyche I think! I've noticed we spend a LOT less time on the computer now. I also have all of my jewelry set up here. This used to be where my vanity was, and I wasn't about to take down all my stuff!

Now on to my favorite room the kitchen! I painted the cabinets, and the door. I don't think I got a good picture of the door though. I have posted about that door a while ago though!
My mom painted that picture of the azaleas. I'm so glad I rescued it from where we used to live! (long long story, maybe one day I'll brave that subject).
This next picture is why this room is my favorite! It's my little reading nook! Great place to sit when you're waiting for water to boil HA! Now on to what I make in my kitchen! Hummus and avocado sammies of course! With a side of cheddar pretzels :) My sandwich tasted a lot like the turkey tom from Jimmy Johns. It just was missing the turkey!

And the final picture, happens to be my baby doll Beanka, wondering why Mommy is taking billions of pictures on a random Monday afternoon.
Can't you just see her rolling her eyes?

P.S. I lied! That isn't the last picture!! This is what happens to you when you tickle me after I say stop! Lipstick to the face, for the win!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Great tour! I love how you hang your jewelry on the wall. You're making great use of space you've got! Score on the use of lipstick!

Mollie said...

good job on the tour. I really like your place actually. I'm sure it's tough having to live in such a small space, but it's very cute. You did a good job with the space you have. I really wish I could find a way to like the space we have. It's not here, it's everywhere. I"m so bad at organizing and's so cluttered!! ughhh.

Oh yah, I like your book nook...makes me think of mine =)

Czesia said...

The Mrs- Thank you! Red is soo his color, right?!? I just got enough jewelry from Christmas to do something with it haha!

Mollie- Living in a small space is REALLY challenging. This is actually not the smallest space Marc and I have lived in though! We used to live in a studio apartment in Georgia! Talk about tiny!!! I think Marc and I have only recently become more organized. Most of it is being able to throw things away. That was the hardest part for me!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

And milk crates are sturdier??? LOL! [My bed is on a frame but the headboard isn't connected so, sometimes it makes a lot of noise ;)] How the heck are you not worried about it when you're "sleeping?"

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Milk Crates! The classic college solution to adding more storage space (under the bed) to your dorm room! Bravo!

Amanda said...

I *love* old houses. Our house in Wisconsin was 100 years old, and it had an apartment attached to it (a "mother in law suite") that used to be a doctor's office when the doctor lived in the house. There was even a tiny room in between the house and apartment that was an apothacary, with little medicine shelves and a marble slab!! The doors that led into that room, from both sides, were only 1.5 feet wide. :D I could go on and on, but the point is, I love old houses! There are no old houses around here like that - well, there are, but they're either in the super rich neighborhoods or the crime-filled downtown area - so our house now is so boring! I wouldlove to live int he north and get a real old house again!

SlimKatie said...

The whole apartment looks so cozy and inviting--love it!! I'm amazed at how well you utilized all the space you could.

Mollie said...

oh yah, and i forgot to put, my bed is on a boxspring on the floor, and you know what? its comfortable!!!

Czesia said...

Frickin- hahah you might be surprised but strategically paced milk crates are quite sturdy! Plus, I put my makeup and stuff in other milkcrates under the bed :), just as anonymous guessed LOL! Amanda- I love old houses too, maybe not to live in though! haha! I'm always worried about asbestos or something. Plus old usually means broken in my book. There are some EXREMELY beautiful houses around here, but as you said this is a crime ridden area (I hate that). You can see that the houses, but more than likely they have been neglected :(.
Mollie- we used to have it that way but the cold air was unbearable!
Katie- Thank you! It's taken me a really long time to figure it out, but I think we finally figured it out!