Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rushed Weekend!

I ended up being WAY busy this weekend, whoa!

In fact, yesterday I left the house at 9 and got home at 9pm!

In the time span I went shopping for next weekends baby shower for my sister in law...

I went to Panera with my cousin

I got a facial from a student..awesome!

Went to my mother in law's to help finalize plans for the shower

Met Marc around where I was for dinner

Went to the mall for some shopping!

It was fun, but pretty exhausting. Plus being out of the house, I hadn't really eaten that much (just a banana for breakfast, and half a salad for lunch) Dinner became a fiasco because we couldn't find any place without an hour wait so we ended up breaking a new years goal of no fast food! We ended up at Arbys, but I think if you were in that situation, you might have agreed to it. I was so hungry! Oh well, new day, new decisions.

I go back to school in 10 days, I gotta get in some more serious relaxation time LOL!

How was your weekend?


Amanda said...

I hate those resort-to-fast-food days. That's why I made my challenge not to eat fast food the last six months of 2011, to force myself to come up with a different idea for emergency meals. Of course, I ended up eating at Subway as an emergency a couple times...I guess that's better fast food than some, right? :/

Mollie said...

I honestly think I could eat panera every day of my life...but it's not exactly the healthy stuff that i love from there! lol

Fast food makes me feel so gross...but it's cheap, which is why I resort to it too much I think.

I actually cook dinner at the house almost every's not always healthy stuff, but it's much more within our budget, and if you're going to eat unhealthy stuff, it might as well be a little bit cheaper. haha.

Baby shower?? HOw fun!

Czesia said...

Amanda, Mollie- I'm trying...I'm not going to give up! I really do like Arby's though I feel like it's like healthier?! LOL I like the turkey rueben. At least It wasn't a bigmac!