Monday, January 2, 2012

My Start to the New Year!

I had a great New Years Day! Hope you did too!

We went out for a date night, which we REALLY needed. At first we were going to use a restaurant gift certificate but the place we wanted to go to was closed for the holiday! Oh well, we have that certificate for another day!

We ended up going to a place that I've always wanted to try called the Milwaukee Ale House.

The food was SO GOOD I am still thinking about it! I had a Tuna steak sandwich with asain slaw on the side FLAVOR EXPLOSION!

We ate by the water, but it was actually the first real snow of the season, so it was gloomy. I'm just glad we were inside and out of the wind. Man, Milwaukee wind is FIERCE!

Then we went to the Admirals game, where they lost to Peoria Illinois team the Rivermen. I still loved it, hockey is the best!

Today was great, went to the gym and enjoyed some alone time when Marc went to work early.

Glad to be off in an hour and a half, wanna get home where it's warm!



Mollie said...

Sometimes you really just need a night out together, it helps!! Sounds like you had a great new years though! I so wish we had a hockey team here!!

Our new years was us just sitting at the house, haha. We decided to stay inside because idiots were shooting guns into the air, and I reallly didn't want to get shot, or have a bullet come down on me; was on the news, happened to a 12 year old =)

But on the plus side, hungover people love cracker barrel food, so lots of moolah for me . haha.

Czesia said...

I thought jax had a hockey team?!? Like the barracudas or something! OMG guns!?! I thought I lived in the ghetto LOL! Just kidding! That's so true, if I was hung over I know i'd want some Cracker Barrel! That stuff is way too good!

Amanda said...

Tuna steak is one of my very favorite foods in the world! Oh that sounds so good!

Czesia said...

OMG Amanda it was SO good! I wanna go back lol!